Thursday, February 2, 2017

Rekordutdelning for Swedbank’s shareholders,”

Yesterday’s datahaveri current bankkorten Mastercard, which resulted in that the bank was forced to panikstoppa their atms since people started to be able to take out unlimited became a nightmare even for the bank’s management, with the ceo Birgitte Bonnesen in the tip.

But if this is not, of course, when the bank in the morning presented the financial statement for last year.

the banking Group reports a profit of 5.141 million for the fourth quarter of 2016. It was about what analysts ‘forecasts and compares with a profit of 4,800 million in the year-earlier period, 2015

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” It has never been so cheap to borrow, it must be remembered, responds to Birgitte Bonnesen on the fact that the bank has continued to raise the profit margins on mortgage loans.

Birgitte Bonnesen, the ceo of Swedbank.

Foto: Cornelia Nordström

She points out that the authorities ‘ increased capital requirements leads to that the bank raised the margins.

Competition in the mortgage market if borrowers remains fierce, according to Birgitte Bonnesen.

the bank’s profitability still increased sharply, from a rate of return of 13.5 to 15.8 per cent on its capital, is closely related to the volumes of lending increased, according to Bonnesen.

net interest income rose to 6.247 million, from 5.759 million. Net fee and commission income increased to sek 3, 055 million, from 2 877 million, as a result of the increased activity on the financial markets towards the end of the year.

net credit Losses increased at the same time, to 593 million from 399 million.

the Board of directors proposes a dividend to shareholders of sek 13 and 20 cents per share, which compares with the dividend of last year at 10:sek 70 per share. Expectations are low, according to the news agency, Reuters, on average, of 13:00 sek per share.

this is The fifth year in a row that the bank doles out 75 per cent of the profits.

– in preparation for 2016 were three of our highest priorities is to improve customer value, increase efficiency and enhance greater employee engagement, retention. When I sum up the year, I can with pride say that we have taken strides forward in all these areas," writes Birgitte Bonnesen in a comment to the financial statements.

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But Birgitte Bonnesen recognizes that customers are not satisfied with the bank:

– however, There is potential for improvement in several areas. For example, our own Swedish customer nöjdhetsundersökning (SCI), with over 35 000 customers were interviewed in the fourth quarter, only marginal improvement among retail customers and a slight deterioration among corporate customers. We therefore carry out a more thorough analysis in order to develop further improvement initiatives. A changing environment requires us to constantly become better. Therefore, we have in the 2017 numerous initiatives targeted to our customers and employees as well as several efficiency improvement measures.


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