Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Police secured the cash machines after korthaveri – rumors of unlimited withdrawals – financial times

Police guarded atms for Swedbank suffered bankkortsproblem.

the Bank was forced to halt all withdrawals with a debit card temporarily.

– All withdrawals are recorded and take out money you do not have to become required to repay, ” says Claes Warrén at Swedbank.

Swedbank datahaveri earlier in the day has been undreamed follows.

On Wednesday night, spread rumors throughout the country about unlimited withdrawals can be made – despite the fact that the account holder lacks coverage.

"Common atm"

Aftonbladet has received a number of calls about the phenomenon and the police in both Malmö and Gothenburg has been pressed.

According to the task to Aftonbladet, police in Gothenburg have become nerringda about the case.

– People booms atms across the city, ” says a source.

At the police in Malmö, it is stated that the family "secures" atms.

– We can confirm that we are around on a number of atms in Malmö on the occasion of a suspected fraud. We are on site to investigate what it is that has happened, ” says Fredrik Bratt at the police.

"a Lot of people who collected"

He said that the police received the call about the odd behaviour around the atm machines.

– People have reacted to that there are a lot of people who gather at these atms. We control what they do and what it is that is happening, ” says Fredrik Bratt.

He states that the work is led by the external command and that the police also taken the banking contacts.

– We secure the right now up the atms physically, ” says Fredrik Bratt.

Swedbank affected

According to information provided to Aftonbladet, it is a debit card linked to Swedbank, which is affected. At the 22-time stopped Swedbank suspended all withdrawals with their debit card.

– As a security measure, we will introduce a moratorium on withdrawals by debit card, ” says Claes Warrén on the bank’s press office.

He also confirms that today’s earlier kortstrul led some customers have been able to take out more money than what they have on their accounts.

– At the moment I do not know how many, ” says Claes Warrén.

– It may, in the worst cases mean that you get minussaldo on his account.

Warrén also says that it is in their contract with bankkortskunderna to it to "take out money you do not have, you get to pay them back".

– So there is no one who can become rich on this, ” says Claes Warrén.

Root in the earlier troubles

According to him, there have also been a limit to how much as gone to take out.

– There has not been any open holes straight out, there has been a limit, he says.

Swedbank says that they are now going to fix the problem and that it then becomes possible to withdraw money with the debit card again.

The 23-time problems to be solved, says Claes Warrén.

– Everything had its root in the problems that was previously scheduled for Wednesday, but now everything should work as it should, ” he says.


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