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Swedbank cut completely, with Lars Söderfjell – Today’s Industry

Lars Söderfjell, Swedbank’s former chief strategist, will now stop completely after having been exposed on the stands since last fall. This writes Dagens Nyheter. He was arrested, suspected of insider dealing in Fingerprint Cards on January 23. "Together, we have come to the conclusion that the employment relationship ended yesterday, Thursday," says Gabriel Francke Rodau at the Swedbank to the Di.

Lars Söderfjells position on Swedbank was ultimately unsustainable. Since the tjänstledige chefsstrategen detained the suspect of insider dealing in the Fingerprint Cards, he is forced now to leave the bank completely. This writes Dagens Nyheter.

"It is quite simple. Lars Söderfjell has asked to end its closure of the bank. Together we have come to the conclusion that the employment relationship ended yesterday, Thursday," says Gabriel Francke Rodau, head of communications at Swedbank, to Di.

Aktieanalytikern Lars Söderfjell was up to in October, the bank’s chief strategist. At the same time, however, he has long since been co-owner of the company, Sunfloro, which controls all A-shares and thus all voting rights in the Fingerprint Cards. The principal owner of the Sunfloro is Johan Carlström, Söderfjell was analytikerkollega with earlier in his career, at Handelsbanken.
On January 23, was arrested and detained Lars Söderfjell and Johan Carlström, suspected of insider dealing. Söderfjell, which, through its role in Sunfloro served on the board for Fingerprint Cards, suspected unauthorised disclosure of the inside information.

the Day after was released the two, even if the suspicion remains. Further a day later, announced the Fingerprint to Söderfjell gives up his seat on the board, something Johan Carlström already been forced to.

But now lose Söderfjell also its position in Swedbank. In October was forced to Lars Söderfjell take a leave of absence from there, according to the bank "based on changing conditions".

it Should not have been dealt with far earlier?
"It was handled in the fall, was that we identified a conflict of interest that could not be handled. Then, the bank took the initiative to a dialogue with Lars Söderfjell, who took a leave of absence. Now, Lars has asked to terminate their employment," says Gabriel Francke Rodau.

conflict of interest had existed long before he took a leave of absence?
"It is not against the regulations to have conflicts of interest when working in the bank, however, the conflict of interest is managed. In the situation that prevailed before the October, the handling of it, then created new conditions that made it could not be handled. Then took Lars a leave of absence," says Gabriel Francke Rodau.

Di have searched Lars Söderfjell for a comment.


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