Thursday, June 23, 2016

Divided on home prices fall – Västerbotten Courier

Economy. still above prices in the fall in the housing market – so think many brokers Real estate agency. But other brokerage firms believe differently.

A majority of the firm’s real estate brokers believe in stagnant housing prices in the fall. As for condominiums accounted 64.3 percent in a survey made by the Agency that it becomes stagnant prices. Regarding villas believe 66 percent of the brokers that the prices of villas also come to a standstill after the summer.

The Swedish real estate believe in a continued rise in prices, but a weaker rise than before.

– the market will continue to be stable and it is because there is still a housing shortage and a huge demand for housing, says Frida Flood estate in Linköping.

Johan Nordenfelt is CIO at Erik Olsson Property AB.

– we believe that prices will remain stationary in the fall and we may even get to see declining rates of minus five percent, mainly in urban areas, he says .

A majority of the brokers who responded to Property Agency survey believe that the situation in the housing market right now is more beneficial for sellers than buyers.


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