Monday, June 20, 2016

Here are Stampen plan – can mean the sale of OTW – Resume

Here’s Stampen plan – can mean the sale of OTW
On Monday, the law Christian Andersch , which the district court appointed administrator of the Stampen, share of its preliminary plan for getting media group to re-float, announces Stampen in a press release. The plan will be presented during a creditors’ meeting in Gothenburg District Court where creditors in ten of the Stampen The companies will participate together and strike a deal. The plan to raise new capital and new partners.

In the press release, it is clear that the management has decided to sell one of his companies, after a process that “has been going on for a long time.” It also announces that the Modern Women Media, which includes Family life included, has filed an application for withdrawal from the reconstruction. It is with great Probability deal with Aller pursued. Summary previously reported on consistent information claiming that Stampen negotiating with Allergan for the sale of OTW and Modern Women Media.

Stampen also announced that it will discontinue the printing company, V-TAB Örebro AB.
– Work to reconstruct the consolidated balance sheet follows our overall plan. Today we present Important topics to strengthen the financial position and more action will come. We will continue the dialogue with potential investors during the summer to bring in new capital and a broader ownership structure, said Stampen CEO Martin Alsander in a statement.

… And they employees are worried
There is turbulence and dampened the editorial staff at Göteborgs-Posten, which is part of the Stampen, reports the P4 West. Many are also cursed, according to the Gabriella Mohoff , shop steward for the newspaper’s journalist club.
– It’s tough, one day I can think “this will be good in the end even if it’s tough shit now” and the next day it’s “no, this will never go the way”. she says.

After the Italy loss: His disappointed reaction has been seen millions of times
It was only in the 88th minute as Italy decided against Sweden in the other group match in football Championship in France. Some let his face sink into his hands – others chose to joke. 26-year-old Marcus Lidman had time for both. Football channel found him all alone at a table outside the stadium in Toulouse, and at Mickens sight, he could just not hold back.

“Hamrén, I can not!” “I’m puking!” and “Who the hell slips with three minutes left?” are some of the many sentences he has time to hatch from it.

Many people have recognized themselves in his feelings and the clip has been shared by nearly 50 000 people and soon seen all over four million times.
– I felt that now I just sniff my disappointment. The only thing I know is that it’s great that so many recognize themselves. I stand by everything I said, he says to DN when they reach him the day after the game.

Bluff Article circulating with Aftonbladet as sender
“SUMMER CAMPAIGN: How 200kr to shop at IKEA FOR FREE”. It is the title of a fake article that has circulated over the weekend, in which readers are asked to disclose information to cash in the offer. The article has been highlighted by the Times itself, which informs that the offer is a scam and urges readers not to disclose any information.

UKIP poster accused of being racist
An election poster with English EU and immigration critical UKIP as the sender is a long queue of refugees walking along a road and text “breaking Point” followed by “Britain must break free of the EU and take back control of its borders.” The poster has been criticized for being racist, for example from Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne. and Nigel Farage , leader of UKIP believes in a defense of Sky News that the campaign reflects the truth.

Opera launches integrated ad blocking
The browser is now rolling out an update to its ny platforms, which built ad blocking. The user must activate the function, enter the Omni which inter alia refers to

Apple withdraws Trump support
Previously, Apple has supported both Republicans and Democrats upcoming party convention. But the presidential candidate Donald Trump statements about women, immigrants and minorities should have prompted it to reconsider, according to sources at Politico writes Omni. Now they pull back all the support to the Republican convention. The information has not been confirmed by either Democrats or Republicans.


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