Friday, June 24, 2016

Nigel Farage slopes from important election promise – Swedish Dagbladet

Nigel Farage criticized for a statement on the EU contribution. Photo: Gareth Fuller / TT

Just hours after that the result of the referendum become known now back one of the exit-side front figures from an important promise. It was broadcast on ITV’s morning show on Friday, Nigel Farage, leader of the anti-EU UKIP and the left-side front men, took away from one of the campaign’s most important promises.

The economic argument raised by the campaign “Vote leave” was that the entire British charge that could be laid on health care, and the figure of 340 million pounds per week mentioned.

– it was not one of my vows, I can promise. I think at the made a mistake when they promised it, said Farage in ITV.

– It was one of the mistakes that leave the campaign did.

Mr Farage was not officially in the campaign ” vote leave “, which Boris Johnson was the frontman for. Farage was associated instead with the campaign “Leave.EU” – who also campaigned for Britain would earn money to leave the EU.

The reactions to the statement has been strong. On social media writes many British people should not have trusted Farage from the beginning.

Mr Farage claimed in the interview that Britain will now have 10 billion “free money” to use in different areas, but not just on health care.

According to the Independent, the campaign “Leave.EU” used incorrect figures in its campaign ahead of the vote. It is argued that the UK will pay 340 million pounds a week in the EU contribution, but that figure does not take into account the country’s fee discount and how much you get in grants. It also writes that there are calculations that Britain will go back financially to leave the EU, growth and jobs are included.


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