Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Continued reduction in wage differentials – Västerbotten Courier

Economy. The pay gap between women and men continues to decline. But still nearly five per cent of the wage difference is explained by sex.

The whole economy was the difference in pay between the sexes 12.5 percent last year – compared with 13.2 percent the year before.

since 2005, the gap decreased by 3.8 percentage points, says the National Mediation Office in the new statistics.

– the trend we’ve seen in recent years will continue. The profession is the factor that has the greatest impact, said John Ekberg, responsible for statistics on the Mediation Institute, said.

If account is taken of the profession – and other pay factors such as education, age, working hours and sector – remains an “unexplained “pay differential of 4.6 percent.

Last year, the average salary was 32,000 crowns. The highest salaries were officials in the private sector with an average salary of 43,400 crowns, while female workers in the private sector had the lowest salary. Among these was the average salary last year 24,800 crowns.

The average wage for women workers in the public sector – state, county or municipality – is not presented in the report, but for both workers and employees, the average wage in the public sector 33 500 crowns for men and 29 500 women.

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