Friday, June 24, 2016

Doomsday over the British election – Farming

The expected turmoil in the financial markets at a Brexit has received Swedish banks to keep the head offices open during the weekend.

It weighs incredibly evenly between Bremain and Brexit, then stop or leave the EU. But the trend is that European critics have keyed in and in some measurements and even lead. The referendum is not only Britain’s own affair show moves from world leaders who have become increasingly ominous.

Must renegotiate the agreements with the United States

One of the clear påtryckarna for Bremain is US President Barack Obama. He has made clear that the British also have to renegotiate their agreements with the United States, if they do end with the EU. And this will take many years of great uncertainty.

The EU’s supreme leader, the European Council President Donald Tusk took last week to doomsday prophecies.

beginning of the end

Brexit can be the beginning to the end, not only for the EU but for the “Western civilization,” warns Tusk, in an interview with German newspaper Bild. The Pole Tusk predicted that the EU’s external enemies will open a bottle of champagne at a Brexit.

EU agricultural commissioner, the Irishman Phil Hogan, has the gruff tone urged British farmers to consider carefully the consequences of abandoning the common market. Many farmers doubts, however, the doomsayers.

Many farmers want to leave the EU

68 percent of UK farmers want, despite the £ 3 million in EU funding, leave the EU, according to Farmers Weekly’s latest survey. Shortly after it went EU-friendly environment minister Liz Truzz out with the warning that fårbönderna would lose its major EU export at a no. Many farmers rather listen to Agriculture Minister George Eustice, as happened round promises new British support and paints a bright future outside the common market.

For Sweden awaits the great loneliness of Britain leaving the EU. The British are our closest ally, and share the same free-market ethos. In 90 percent of all votes in the EU, Sweden and the UK voted alike. Not least in the requirement that the CAP should be cut Sweden’s voice will become weaker.


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