Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Fund management companies can offer ISK account – Västerbotten Courier

To fund companies themselves will be able to offer investors investment savings account, ISK, is one of the proposals to fund the investigation was submitted to the government on Tuesday. Today, only banks and other securities institutions offer investment savings account.

“Investment Savings Account is a tax-favored savings product that has not been provided by the fund company. It prevents the practice of fund companies from distributing their own funds, which distort competition, “says Fredrik Nordström, CEO of the Fund Association in a press release.

More than half of total new savings in mutual funds last year went through a investment savings account, according to association statistics. In terms of household savings in funds, virtually all the new savings via an investment savings account.

Now inquiry for comment. The amendments are expected to enter into force at the beginning of 2018th


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