Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Forget the job during the holidays – a head that disrupts break the law – Business Week

In Sweden, the law protects the holiday from a disturbing managers.

In Sweden holiday a holy phenomenon. So sacred that it is even protected by law.

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According to Sydsvenskan, you are not required to be available by mail or phone during the holidays. And if your boss would now require that you are at risk, he or she will be liable under the Holidays Act.

“You are not required to be available during the holiday. It is natural that the holidays are a time to relax,” says Susanne Lundberg, head of the labor unit LO-TCO Legal Protection, to Sydsvenskan.

What you define as disturbing, however, is not entirely clear. Susanne Lundberg says that a short phone call might be something you have to put up with if you are so stupid that responds when the boss calls. However, if one is ordered by his employer to work can be seen as a criminal offense.

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To be disturbed during the holidays of his boss, in addition to providing the right to general damages also give a right to compensation for possible costs, for example if you have to cancel a tour.

There are some exceptions where an employee may need to be available during the holiday. The exemptions apply, inter alia, on very small companies.


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