Sunday, June 19, 2016

Greece suspect corruption at Ericsson – Sveriges Radio

It was the echo as the spring of 2014 revealed corruption allegations within the telecom giant Ericsson’s Greek operations.

It was then that over 100 million million would have been paid in bribes when the Greek state bought Ericsson’s airborne radar in 1999. Recipients of the money was Greek politicians and the military.

– It was these senior people in the Greek establishment, said the whistle-blower, the former Ericsson Employee Liss Olof Nenzell, the echo over two years ago.

Ericsson announces now to seven people at Ericsson in Greece served suspicions of corruption.

But since it is an ongoing legal process, want the company does not comment on the allegations.

– What we have announced is that as part of an investigation that has lasted so has seven former and current employees received notifications. It is about what we can tell, says Karin Hall Town on Ericsson’s press department.

So far, is not Greek judicial or other possibly relevant authorities contacted Ericsson.

– no, Ericsson has not been contacted by any authorities in the matter, she said.

Since the revelation in 2014 echo followed the alleged corruption affair. Just last week made an interview with Ericsson.

So this says press officer Karin Hall Town that this is about media management.

– What we can say is that it was quite recently that these current and former employees have received notifications. We thought it was relevant information will then share with you.


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