Monday, June 27, 2016

EU Commissioner Jonathan Hill resigns – Sveriges Radio

The resignation could also pave the way for the current EU Commission reorganized and that some commissioners may change its mission.

“Like many Britons I am of course very disappointed with the result of the referendum. I wanted it to end up in a different way, “explains the outgoing Commissioner Jonathan Hill said in a statement in which he explains that he will step down in a few weeks, specifically on 15 July.

The announcement in Brussels today, the unique and came unexpectedly in the afternoon, although it was quite clear after the verdict of the British referendum the day that Britain leaves the European Union, so get a British commissioner, in this case Jonathan Hill quit his mission, just as the 73 elected MEPs from the UK.

Never before has either a commissioner chosen to leave his post prematurely because of their own Member State is about to leave the EU.

now Jonathan Hill resigns, is considered by some analysts to dilute the political and financial uncertainty after the referendum result. Hill has pushed issues during his time as commissioner as a banking union and a capital market of the Union where the idea is to make it easier for small companies to be listed in the various EU countries, but also to make it easier for smaller companies to obtain on the financing of the EU’s borders. These are also issues that are considered important issues from the United Kingdom to operate within the EU.

The voice disappears Now that Hill departs just a few weeks, and his subjects are taken over temporarily by the Deputy Commissioner Dombroviskis.

In a statement by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker as may Hills resignation, paving the way for it will be a reshuffle of the EU Commission and the commissioners may change assignments. Anyway, there must still be a Commissioner in the United Kingdom, and to serve as commissioner as long as the British are in the EU. This candidate may undergo the same process as the other Commissioners with such hearings in the European Parliament – before this candidate can formally be chosen, a process that will probably take several months.


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