Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Home prices are plummeting in Stockholm – Business World

Valueguard price index for apartments in Sweden fell by 1.6 percent in May compared with the previous month while the index for homes was unchanged. The overall index, HOXSWE, fell by 0.6 percent.

According to the Valueguard HOX index presented today.

“An important explanation is a decline of condominiums in Stockholm by 2.7 percent “comments Valueguard.

During the last three months, prices for condominiums dropped by 0.7 percent, while prices of houses have risen by 2.5 percent . In the past 12 months, prices of condominiums increased by 9.2 percent while prices of houses have increased by 11.4 percent. The overall index, HOX Sweden, has increased by 10.5 percent.

During the previous month, prices of condominiums up by 10.4 percent compared with a year earlier, while prices of houses were up by 12, 1 percent.

the fall of condominiums in Stockholm compared with April, the largest percentage decline for the index since October 2008. the index villa in Stockholm, which fell by 1.1 percent, the decline is the largest since October 2010.

“in Erik Olsson Fastighetsförmedling we consider still housing market strong, but nervous. the first month of the amortization requirement is a chicken race between buyers and sellers.

the outcome of the race and the housing market uncertain “, comments Erik Olsson Property.


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