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Time for listed companies to confess color – Svenska Dagbladet

Will the Ericsson’s new ceo Börje Ekholm present some great news when the company presents its interim report for the fourth quarter on Thursday? Not if you ask the experts. Arkivbild. Photo: Janerik Henriksson/TT

In the week draws rapportsäsongen in time as the sum 2016.

the First of the big is among other ailing Ericsson, the major banks have Nordea and paper and hygienkoncernen SCA, which presents its interim reports for the fourth quarter on Thursday. Then, the reports will, in a steady stream. On Friday, it is Atlas Copco’s and the Telia tour.

” a year ago there were many who had problems. It was a very nervous on the stock exchange. Now, it is considerably more cheerful mood and it affects well all, to some extent, ” says Esbjörn Lundevall, aktiestrateg at SEB, if the general sentiment among listed companies.

He is joined by Martin Guri, chief analyst at Nordea:

– It is relatively good for the listed companies. There is no cyclical headwinds anywhere in the world compared with for a year or two ago. There is no wind or changes in everyday life in Sweden, neither in terms of consumption, inflation, currencies or interest rate policy now.

the Companies ‘ expectations for the current year, it is that, according to them, is the most interesting to listen to when the companies will present their interim reports. For example, the orders received and the ceo-the comments can give a hint about the future. SEB think on the whole, more positive comments and orderingångssiffror.

A sector to keep an extra eye on is the the cyclical cyclical industry with companies like SSAB, Boliden and Sandvik. A rebound in commodity and oil prices gave the industry a boost during the last year.

– Where it is really important that they deliver relatively good numbers to defend the price increase already has been, ” says Esbjörn Lundevall.

When it comes to the big political topics of conversation, as the Uk’s withdrawal from the EU and the US’s newly appointed president, Donald Trump, is expected to no information on how it might affect the companies. Despite the fact that for example the companies Skanska and Volvo would be able to benefit from the expected investments in the infrastructure in the united states, according to Martin Guri.

” We have already asked for it, and we know that they will respond that it is too early to say. The companies tend to be wise and not say much about it, to not pull up on the hopes that they may eat up then, ” he says.

– But a forecast or outlook for the calendar year, you can probably expect.

The company that might surprise either positive or negative, analysts were cautious to comment on. When it comes to Ericsson as it was great drama around the last year with further cuts, a change of ceo and a profit warning is expected, no major news. A reduction of the dividend to the shareholders is expected. The question then remains if the new ceo Börje Ekholm will present some “städåtgärder”.

” It is tradition that the incoming ceo will clean it out a bit. But I don’t think he’s had it actually, and I don’t think the board has had time to take any new strategic decision, ” says Martin Guri.

the Facts: When will the reports

Dates for the interim reports from the largest companies on the stockholm stock exchange:
Source: Reuters


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