Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Trump effect: Record on the stock exchange in New York city – financial times

WASHINGTON. Investors rejoice that Donald Trump has taken place in the White house.

For the first time ever the New York stock exchange the Dow Jones index now passed drömgränsen 20 000 points.


sky-high, dollar falls after Trumps orders

After an initial skrämselhicka so has the stock markets in the united states joined the train after the Donald Trump unexpected victory in the autumn presidential elections.

After election day the New York stock exchange industrial index Dow Jones has risen by around nine per cent. In several weeks, the index has been close to go over 20 000 points. Shortly after trade opened on Wednesday passed the historic border.

Look favorably on the promises

The happy börshumöret depends to a large extent that investors expect that Donald Trump will implement several reforms that the market will like.

According to the Wall Street Journal is it primarily about promised tax cuts, major infrastructure and reduced regulations.

Several major projects

Earlier in the week signed Donald Trump executive orders that could lead to the construction of two controversial pipelines to be resumed.

Trump ruled that the administration will require that the pipe manufactured by american steel:

– If we are to build oil pipelines in our country, so shall also the tubes built here. It will lead to many new jobs for steelworkers. We shall build our own pipe, as we did in the past.

President Trump has also promised to upgrade roads, bridges and airports in the united states. This means that construction companies expect the good times to come.


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