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Muller: Have been placed in the wrong film – Helsingborgs Dagblad

Victor Muller denies the allegations of tax avoidance, and that money from the European investment bank (EIB) has gone to him personally. – It pained indeed to hear the prosecutor say that the money from the EIB was used to pay my invoices, ” says Muller.

Victor Muller and Jan Åke Jonsson fought together for Saab Automobile, but it ended with bankruptcy and now the trial of suspect financial crime. Here we see the duo during Tuesday’s lunch break, on the way out from the court to eat.Image: Björn Larsson Rosvall/TT

Before the trial lunchavbrott confusion arose when Muller accused by the prosecutors to have withheld documents. However, it turned out that the documents seized from the Spykers headquarters, in the district court’s material but they have never been translated.

During the hearing, it emerged that Victor Muller considers that he did not receive any tax advantage of moving from the Netherlands to Spain, which the prosecution claimed in its description. He stresses in the interview that he never had any dispute with the tax authorities in their home country, the Netherlands, and thank the accounting firm he used for this.

It is the same accounting firm that helped Muller moved to Spain. According to the prosecutor was an arrangement of questionable tax planning.

But, according to Muller, had he and his company are not paid any income tax in the Netherlands of more than ten years, due to costly acquisitions that kept down the profits. He did not move from the country to avoid tax.

I paid no tax yet, says Muller, with emphasis in the right.

Muller believes that his power over the Spyker been exaggerated in the media, because he is somewhat shorter, the exception never taken more than about 30 per cent of the company. After a long talk Victor Muller concrete to the charge.

It pained indeed to hear the prosecutor say that the money from the EIB was used to pay my invoices, ” says Muller.

He had just before described the limitation it meant for the Saab, in practice, to be so closely monitored by the European investment bank, which lent € 400 million for the company in Trollhättan.

Muller gave in the morning his views on the whole trial.

” When I listened to the prosecutor yesterday, I wondered if I placed in the wrong movie.

Before the questions were asked gave Muller ago a background on himself, as a lawyer and businessman. He told about his involvement in the industry for tugs, not least in Latin america. The company, which conducted the business in which had the name of Lat, and was based on the Netherlands Antilles.

It is the same company that later sent invoices to Saab to look at his work as a consultant, an arrangement that was criticized by the prosecutor.

Muller is strongly critical towards the prosecutor described the company Lazy on the Dutch Antilles as a letter-box entity, even if the only thing that existed in the company at the time of the suspected arvoderingarna was look at his own yacht.

Victor Muller, who was bilföretagets last of the major shareholder, chairman and ceo, is charged with ” evasion of tax control. It is also his president-representative Jan Åke Jonsson and Saab’s general counsel Kristina Geers, in the first part. All deny the offences.

the chief Prosecutor, Olof Sahlgren at the serious fraud office consider, firstly, that Victor Muller was tightly linked to the Saab Automobile, in order to receive the fee as an external consultant and, secondly, to contracts and invoices if the fee has not been in order.

the Bills were written and sent by the look at his private secretary at the Dutch Spyker, which owned Saab. The who formally would have paid was a company which Muller took at the Dutch Antilles, but in practice made the payments directly to look at his and his wife’s accounts.

The seven million already have been in a tax dispute, which Muller won in the court of appeal. But the prosecutor claims that the arrangement was a form of tax planning, where the bases for the bills was so poor that they could not be verified.

Background: the Trial

the Trial of suspected financial crime in the Saab Automobile bankruptcy in 2011, consists of several parts.

Seven people are indicted in the Vänersborg district court, the majority on several points. All deny the offences.

the district Court starts with the part about the seven million that Saab Automobile paid in compensation to Victor Muller. The money was sent as consulting fees to look at his and his wife’s private accounts abroad. The prosecutor believes that the transaction was grossly evasion of tax control.

the 14 February, part the on invoices of 30 million sek which Saab wrote, and got paid, for a dealership in Ukraine. According to the prosecutor, it was luftfakturor which was established to collect money, probably from the strongly questioned the businessman Vladimir Antonov. In this part, several the charges. Saab’s former ceo Jan Åke Jonsson and two other persons accused of grossly untrue attestation.

21 February starts the part about the grossly fraudulent activity, including information to the media. Among the defendants are Victor Muller and Jan Åke Jonsson.

February 28, you can go in the annual reports which the prosecutor believes have been manipulated. The charges of serious forgery and grossly untrue attestation.

6 march begins the final pläderingarna.


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