Tuesday, January 31, 2017

 In autumn can first pipes received in Karlshamn, sweden – Västerbottens-kuriren (the Courier)

Economy. the green light from the municipal government makes to the Karlshamn harbour to the quiet of the country miljonaffären with the Wasco – where to store the Russian pipes for the Nord Stream pipeline project 2. The plan: Around 30 000 pipes will start to be delivered in the autumn.

the Harbour is great. But now it becomes even greater.

” We shall prepare the area where the pipe is to be located. Each tube weighs the 22 tons, so there are huge weights that will be placed on the ground, ” says Mats Olsson, managing director of Karlshamn harbour, to TT.

Now waiting for a board meeting in hamnbolaget.

— maybe There is something that needs to be corrected in the agreement. But in about a week we should be able to write on it, ” says Olsson.

port area to be extended

A taggtrådstoppad enclosure at the port area should be expanded to include approximately 200, 000 square meters. In the summer bought hamnbolaget the ground, in connection to the Stillerydshamnen, from the municipality. In the future it will be lagringplatsen for the pipes.

— Short-term, we bought the land to store the pipes, but in the long term as a surface for our expansion, ” says Mats Olsson.

the Plan is that the pipes to the gas pipeline project should start shipping at the end of the third quarter of the year.

— And we need around six months to put in order the area. There are large areas, ” says Olsson.

the Pipes will be loaded on ships from Germany, to be unloaded on the quay in the harbour and then transported to the storage site. Two tubes at a time, and thus it will be about 15 000 transport.

If the permits and other things are in place is expected to the tubes begin to be shipped to gasledningsprojektets mounting position in the second half of 2018.

Business with the east

In the last year, did around 700 ship with a Russian crew of ships in port. Every day rolling cargo and trucks to and from Russia through the port, ” explains Olsson. In the port’s world it is not possible to operate and develop the business at the same time as the vessels and goods from Russia, or related to, go, are excluded.

” We have always had a lot of shops to the east and the growth rate is much greater to the east than to the west. We are also a major oil port, and a large part of it comes in, it comes from Russia, ” says Olsson and points to a gasbåt in the harbor.

as late as this morning, namely, the ship, loaded with gas from Russia, to the Eon – one of the port external stakeholders.

“such vessels all the time, it is like the life here,” says Olsson.


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