Saturday, January 28, 2017

Snow in Europe provides a blank grönsaksdiskar – Västerbottens-kuriren (the Courier)

Economy. In Sweden, prices on including the tomato and lettuce have risen sharp recently. The reason is the cold, snow and floods that paralysed the harvests in southern Europe. Now it has gone so far as to offer in many grönsaksdiskar the start.


There is a shortage of mainly leafy vegetables such as various kinds of lettuce and arugula.

the Shortage has been caused by cold, snow and floods in southern Europe.

Also frilandsodlat and växthusgrödor affected to some extent by the weather.

In Sweden, the prices go up significantly on, among other things lettuce and tomato.

Out in the stores, there are, however, plenty of root vegetables and cabbage, of which a part cultivated in Sweden.

In Ystad grocery stores gapes salladskylarna empty and bags with a pre-salad is in short supply, writes Ystads Allehanda.

— It is unusual a bit today, but the pre-cut lettuce is very difficult to get hold of. Also chinese cabbage and cabbage lettuces is the lack of. And when it comes to organic, it is even worse, says Magnus Gunnarsson, responsible for fruit and vegetables at Coop on Missunnavägen in Ystad, for the magazine.

— the Entire industry is affected by the shortage, says Charlotta Åsell who is pressekretare for Coop and is joined by Jonas Andersson, the central director of the Ica fruit and veg, who says that he never experienced something similar before. Now is a feverishly searching for vegetables to purchase for its stores.

” we are seeing that clearly the most difficult is bladgrönt. Iceberg lettuce is well ok, but in principle all other varieties – such as spinach and rocket salad – is quite komplierat to get hold of.

Cities are looking bladgrönt all over the world, ” says Claes Salomonsson who is the acting head of the Hemköp.

— But there is a shortage as it is and we will be with this for a while.

There is a risk that weather conditions in southern Europe also affects the fruit of the citrus to a certain extent, ” he says. Even vegetables grown in open air and växthusgrödor as tomato, eggplant and cucumber are affected.

— It will be a little more expensive, especially a lot of grönsakssidan, ” says Icas’s Jonas Andersson.

” It is grönsakssugen still have plenty of crops to choose from in the cabinets. Mainly root vegetables, onions and cabbage, grown in northern latitudes, says Claes Salomonsson at Hemköp.

— Cabbage like white cabbage and pointed cabbage can be an option. Many people buy it and where finn, of course, no lack.


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