Thursday, January 26, 2017

Fredrik Lundberg suspect in the mututredning – Expressen

Fredrik Lundberg is the chairman of the board of the forest company Holmen. Holmen said in a press release that he had been host to a number of hunts arranged by the company. The police launched 2015 a preliminary investigation on some of the hunts.

According to the Holmen police on Thursday to interrogate Fredrik Lundberg and expressed to him a suspicion of bribe giving.

the forestry company has posted a press release about the investigation, and believes that neither he nor the company violated any rules.

"Holmen considers that neither the company or Fredrik Lundberg has violated the applicable rules. Holmen has provided the required information to the investigation and continues to cooperate with the prosecutor.", writes the company in the press release.

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Fredrik Lundberg himself has commented on the information contained in a press release on the Lundbergföretagen website.

– Hunting in Holmen’s director of land around Norrköping are a tradition since several decades and offers the opportunity to meet both Holmen’s employees, and external participants, “says Fredrik Lundberg, and continues:

” I have, of course, respect for the prosecutor’s work and is helpful with the information they desire. I am convinced that both the Holmen and I managed everything in a proper manner and that no violation occurred.

Fredrik Lundberg: "Managed everything in a proper way"

Lawyer Thomas Nilsson, Fredrik Lundberg, defender and sat with Thursday’s questioning of riksenheten against corruption.

” It has definitely not been anything criminal in this context. He denies specifically the crimes, “he says and continues:

” I have no other comments to make on this investigation. Now there is an ongoing investigation and it should be implemented in its usual way. I have not received any information on how long investigators believe that the investigation should be continued. But my client beskrider decided crime. And there are reasons and grounds for the setting.

Hunting with Anders Borg

Henrik Sjölund, president and CEO of Holmen, does not want to tell you how many hunts it or the guests that have been with us.

– given that there is an ongoing investigation so I can’t speak much more about it, ” he says.

Henrik Sjölund believes that the hunts did not involve any breaches of regulatory provisions.

“Both of Holmen, and Fredrik Lundberg believes that neither he or we have done something that violates any rules,” he says.

"Will, of course, remain as chairman of the board"

Henrik Sjölund has continued confidence of Fredrik Lundberg as the chairman of the board of Holmen.

“He will, of course, remain as chairman of the board,” he says.

the DN has in the past drawn the attention of Fredrik Lundberg’s hunting event. Fredrik Lundberg has, among other things, invited former finance minister Anders Borg (M) – which, however, paid a token amount out of their own pocket for their participation.

Fredrik Lundberg is also the ceo of the investment company L E Lundbergföretagen, which has a large holding in, inter alia, the company Holmen. He was the one who took over the helm of Industrivärden – after the high-profile SCA-scandal – first as acting president and then as chairman of the board.

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Fredrik Lundberg went into a family of companies in crisis. SvD had revealed the secret of the use of a private jet and expensive hunting trips in the SCA. Former chairman Sverker Martin-Löf was forced to leave his mission in the realm on the basis of the disclosure.

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Fredrik Lundberg listed recurring as one of Sweden’s wealthiest people. According to business magazine Forbes, he is good for 5 billion dollars – more than 44 billion and listed as the world’s 403 th richest person. His daughters are expected to take over the empire, and is good friends with kungabarnen.


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