Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Alarm: Lack of butter and cream in Sweden – Expressen

Just in time for easter there will be a shortage of cream and butter.

And it can continue for at least the year.

milk production in Sweden has decreased, while demand on Swedish, fat dairy products has increased.

– there Will be no change scarcity will continue, ” says Arla’s ceo Patrik Hansson.

It is the first time in 100 years that Arla will not succeed in providing their customers with what they want.

milk production in Sweden has decreased in several years time. At the same time, more and more customers become aware and actively select Swedish. In addition, the demand for fattier dairy products increased.

Now can not cope with Arla to meet the demand anymore.

Arla’s ceo: “more Difficult situation than ever”

– The three aspects together of course leads to a situation that is more difficult to manage than ever before, ” says Patrik Hansson at Arla.

the Cream may be in short supply ahead of easter.Photo: Olle Sporrong

It means that the lack of fatter milk products, cream and butter, will soon be evident.

According to the Arla just in time for easter.

– in the Past it has sometimes been difficult to get the cream in for example the christmas period, but now we see more structural change. It is not only the shortage during a period of time, we can have a hard time with cream and butter throughout 2017, ” says Patrik Hansson.

He continues:

– And there will be no change it will continue.

Consequence: Increased imports of dairy products

He may not speculate on any price increases. But one of the consequences could be an increase in imports of dairy products.

– Swedish consumers will still be able to buy the cream and butter, but more may need to buy foreign, ” says Patrik Hansson.

Now, to Early to see a change. Along with politicians want the industry to create the conditions so that the Swedish farmers willing to invest in increased milk production.

Even the butter looks to be a problem.Photo: Olle Sporrong

– We welcome livsmedelsstrategin and the debate that we hope can come from there. So that politicians and industry can create the vision and belief in the future our farmers need to increase their milk production, ” says Patrik Hansson.

Plan for expanded food production

It is not just Arla affected by the lack of fat milk. Mejerijätten mean that it is a problem for the whole industry.

According to Today’s News has also norrmejerier is turning hard with the production.

” the Demand for fat products is increasing and we find it difficult to get the cream to cover the all products all year round. For several years we have chosen to remove the butter from our range in the autumn in order to cope with the other products, ” says Mariann Holmberg, head of communications at the company, told the newspaper.

Last week was the proposal for a Swedish food strategy public. Concrete measures for the extended Swedish food production must be presented in the week.


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