Monday, January 23, 2017

11 things you need to know about the new tours of the Fingerprint – Veckans Affärer

the New scandal-the data shakes hajpade Fingerprint and may share that störtdyka. Here is everything you need to know.

the News that a member of the board Lars Söderfjell and the shareholder, Johan Carlström, is under arrest for suspected market abuse creates waves on the stock exchange and dominates the news feed.

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Here is the background and all the details you need to know.

1. Last week revealed Real-time that the serious fraud office, the EBM is launching a criminal investigation regarding suspicious trading in the Fingerprint. A comprehensive notification should have been submitted to the EBM, including on the so-called “spoofing” and trade in kursdrivande purpose.

2. Later in the week it emerged that a petition on the aktieforum was behind the notification. A number of people have long been suspicious of certain patterns in the trade, and collected documentation about the suspicions.

3. At the 11-time announced Fingerprint to Söderfjell and Carlström arrested suspects. “We are very serious about the incident and the particulars now brought to our attention. We work of course with the financial crime,” says Jan Wäreby, corporate executive chairman of the board of Fingerprint Cards in the press release.

4. They are detained until Thursday, when a häktningsframställan required. It says Niklas Ahlgren, presskommunikatör at the serious fraud office, the News agency Directly. In the morning, conducted the EBM searches.

5. The authority investigating suspected roughly of the insider dealing offence. The suspicions arose under the EBM then the securities firms noted the extensive sales of the shares before the profit warning on 8 december of last year, according to the announcement on Monday.

6. Lars Söderfjell is aktiestrateg at Swedbank, but is on leave from his role since the middle of October. This is as a result of his ownership and board positions in the Fingerprint.

7. Johan Carlström is the former ceo of Fingerprint and principal owner. Carlström, consider themselves innocent of what he accused of. It says his lawyer, Per E Samuelson, to the News agency Directly. He left his employment in the company in October with a juicy severance.

8. Fingerprints share plummeted immediately 6 on the stock exchange after the announcement. A decline that continues over the Monday afternoon.

9. Fingerprint Cards chairman of the board Jan Wäreby has not received any more information from the authorities. “We know nothing more, we have not received any more details from the authorities more than what we say in the release right now,” says Jan Wäreby to the News agency Directly.

10. Sparekonomer advise against the purchase of the share. “You absolutely should not buy the stock”, says the avanza’s Claes Hemberg, Today’s News. Joakim Bornold at Nordnet Bank believe that the incident will lay a wave blanket over the share price next time.

11. Analysts are divided on the share. 43% have a positive recommendation right now and 29% a negative recommendation, according to Factset. Their average target price indicates an upside potential of 26 percent. Today’s news, however, has not had time to have an impact on their assessment.


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