Friday, January 27, 2017

Volvo is recalling 8 200 cars – Göteborgs-Posten

Economy Brand Volvo forced to withdraw 8 200 cars because of a defect in an airbag from Autoliv, writes Expressen. The recall covers 1 200 cars have been sold in Sweden, even the new 90-series are covered.

Now, the recall of the Volvo a total of 8 200 cars because of a fault in the air bag, which, Expressen was the first to pay attention to.

It was Volvo’s sub-contractor, business partner when it comes to software for self-driven cars, Autoliv, was called Volvo on the feedback on external quality problems in production.

Subsequently, Autoliv given the council to withdraw the cars which have mounted the current air bag.

1 200 cars in Sweden.

the Error should have been noticed quickly by the company, according to the press office at Volvo Cars.

” I can confirm that it is true. There can be problems when the pillow should be dealt out, this is about 1 200 cars in Sweden. We have been in contact with all these customers via letters and phone calls and have asked them to take it to a workshop, ” says Annika Bjerstaf, spokesperson at Volvo Cars.

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“No incidents”

the Reason for the recall is a problem when the air bag deploys. The car models affected by the problem include the Volvo V40, V60, S90, XC90, and the V90.

” It is, therefore, the entire model range affected by the problem. We acted immediately, we have no incidents reported due to the defect, ” says Annika Bjerstaf.

She adds that the number of recalled cars is a small proportion in comparison with the number of cars they sell per year.


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