Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The economist about the future of the countryside: ”We call this skräpyta” – Norra Västerbotten

Swedish economist Kjell A. Nordström does not believe at all in the rural future potential.

The Swedish economist Kjell A. Nordström, who is a professor at the business School and named one of the 30 top management professionals, gave a lecture at the Nordic Business Forum in Sweden during the beginning of last week.

During the lecture he shared his vision of how the world will develop over the next 30 years.

A big trend that he pointed out during his lecture is that we are facing the fastest urbanization in history.

“You were born into a world of 200 nations, and you are going to die in a world of 600 superstäder which accounts for almost economic activity,” says Nordström to this Week’s Business.

Nordstrom is predicting that Stockholm will grow to almost five million inhabitants by the year 2050 – while large parts of Sweden are going to be destroyed economically.

– We call this skräpyta. It is, for example, Värmland and Gotland, which is the typical case of skräpyta. There is no economic activity, no university, no entertainment, no shopping, nothing – just trees, ” says Nordström.

And if you go there, you will find three alcoholics, a few children, and a couple of freaks. It is what remains, all others have escaped. I’m not saying that it is good. But I don’t say that the year of the bad either. The only thing I say is: get used to this.


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