Friday, January 20, 2017

Question mark for cancer drugs lowers the Astra Zeneca …

Läkemedelsjätten Bristol-Myers Squibb’s announcement not to seek fast track treatment of a kombinationsmedicin of two different cancer drugs reduces the several läkemedelsaktier. Astra Zeneca pops 3 percent on Friday.

in recent years the hottest trend in the field of medicines, cancer medicines that take advantage of the body’s own immune system, got a blow in Thursday night.

Then it was decided the american läkemedelsjätten Bristol-Myers Squibb to not go ahead with attempts to press in order to bring about a snabbspårsgranskning of a combination therapy against lung cancer by the company’s two drugs Opdivo and Yervoy.

The two immunterapeutiska the drugs are approved for the treatment of cancer.

Previous experiments demonstrate that combinations of different immunterapeutiska methods give better effect than medications if they are used separately

the News that Bristol-Myers Squibb now do not insist on getting a snabbspårsansökan was interpreted by investors on the stock exchange in New York as that method does not work better than the medications that are used today. Shares fell 10 per cent in the initial trade.

Fall rubbed off on AstraZeneca shares, which is currently conducting a phase III trial of a similar combination therapy. Astra shares fell in Stockholm, sweden with 3 percent.

For a third large companies is the news on the contrary, the good news, according to the logic of the market. The us Merck two weeks ago, surprisingly got the news that the us food and drug FDA, has decided to accept a snabbspårsansökan of a combination treatment with the company’s immunterapeutiska medicine Keytruda, and a traditional chemotherapy.

Merck shares rose on Friday, with 3 per cent in the initial trade in New York.


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