Friday, January 27, 2017

Atlas Copco increases the profit – the world of Business

Ronnie Leten. Photo: Atlas Copco

the engineering company Atlas Copco reports an operating profit of 5.785 million (4.882) for the fourth quarter of 2016, resulting in an operating margin of 20.3 percent (19.5).

Atlas Copco reported quarter, excluding väganläggningsverksamheten Dynapac, which is for sale, it is not possible to compare with the SME Direkt consensus is based on estimates including Dynapac. Everything within the brackets refers to the Atlas Copco’s pro forma figures for the fourth quarter of 2015.

Orders received for continuing operations was 27.617 million (23.206). Sales amounted to 28.495 million for the quarter (25.003).

In the operating profit of 5.785 million referred to above, included non-recurring items of a negative sek 64 million during the quarter.

The adjusted operating profit for continuing operations was 5.849 million (4.977).

Furthermore notifies Atlas that the divestiture of Dynapac, which is expected to be completed during the second quarter of 2017, has resulted in a write-down of intangible assets of 1.754 million, net of tax, in the fourth quarter of 2016.

the Figures relates to continuing operations, i.e. excluding Dynapac, which has a turnover of sek 2.9 billion, on an annual basis.

SME-expectations including the Dynapac was an order intake of 27.518 million, turnover 28.473 million and an adjusted operating profit of 5.558 million.

the Dividend is proposed to be 6:sek 80 per share, and it can be compared with the SME Direkt consensus at 6:55 kronor.


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