Sunday, January 22, 2017

Banks take fee – for depositing coins – Expressen

When the new coins released in the last year, they got the old one – and femkronorna a best-before-dates – and in the summer, they become invalid to use.

But for those who accumulated a stockpile of coins, it can become a costly affair to exchange them for new ones.

a number of banks now charge a fee to redeem the coins, the states DI as the banks find it difficult to take care of the big myntmängder.

Fee for depositing coins

the Banks therefore calls on the clients to put bunny on their coins instead.

“Our recommendation to our customers is to translate the coins in commerce,” says Gabriel Francke Rodau, press officer at Swedbank, to DI.

the Newspaper has called around to the major banks in Sweden in order to investigate their coin handling systems. With Nordea and SEB are currently free to put the coins on their account. Swedbank charges a one-time fee of 100 kronor, while Handelsbanken decide to take out a fee of seven percent of the amount customer want to deposit.

On 30 June, the old one – and femkronorna invalid. 10-krona coin will remain unchanged.

On 30 June, the old one – and femkronorna invalid.

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More banknotes become invalid

the Same date as the old one – and femkronorna becomes invalid, even the 100 – and 500-krona notes it also. Even if it will not go to shop for the banknotes after June, you can however put them in the bank account until June 30, 2018.

The old 20-, 50 – and 1 000-kronorssedlar became invalid in June last year. The time to exchange these notes at banks went out last August.


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