Monday, January 23, 2017

Swedish companies are making millions on the delningsekonomin – ”will double in a … – the Week’s Business

Here is the VA’s most important on the 3 minutes: Swedish companies are making millions on the delningsekonomin, M and KD lose in the latest measurement and pressure on prices, waiting for when the growth of e-commerce.

Sweden has 880 000 mikrobolag with 0-1 employees, according to the SCB – for example, freelanced, persons with time-limited assignments, or extra jobs. Hence, it is a hot market for startups that provides administration against mikrobolagen. The type Di Digital.

The three largest players have combined annual sales of around sek 700 million, and takes in millions in venture capital – the Cool Company, which helps individuals pursue individual activities without having to register a private company, took in 25 million from Verdane Capital for just a week ago.

"We have observed a megatrend that goes against egenanställningar and that very many people become consultants. We believe that the number of companies with 0 to 1 employees will double within five years," says Mikael Pawlo, the founder of the egenanställningsbolaget Red Flag, to the Di Digital.

in Addition to the Cool Company and the Red Flag is also Sweden’s largest and oldest self-employment enterprise, Freelance Finance, which has a turnover of over sek 500 million, as well as something smaller and newer upstart Firmify.


M-leader Anna Kinberg Batra, stand by to open for the cooperation with the SD, then it does not work låtsats as a great parliamentary party does not exist. (SvT sun)

M-management’s turnaround in the perception of The sweden democrats looks to have a major impact around the country, where a series of moderate local politician is ready to take over power. (DI sat)

In the latest Sifomätningen is M during the elections and KD may be only 2.6 per cent, which indicates that there are no simple solutions to regeringsfrågan. (… Sun)

pressure on prices WHEN the growth of E-COMMERCE
the Swedish Trade expects continued pressure on the price of goods when e-commerce takes off. (DN sat)

PETITION AGAINST the jewish community
Peje Emilsson, Kunskapsskolan’s founder and owner, invites all välfärdsföretagare to count on how Ilmar Reepalus proposal affects them, and then communicate it to the stakeholders. (DI Debate, mon)

During the past year Teliasonera’s ceo Johan Dennelind received at least two offers of the european top jobs outside of Telia, the hearts of DI. (DI mon)

Both avanza’s sparekonom Claes Hemberg and Alfred Berg allokeringschef Jonas Olavi believe in a positive development in the face of rapportsäsongen, among other things, increases in dividends. The companies with the highest expected dividend yield is, according to SvD’s review ABB, Eniro, Holmen, Millicom and Handelsbanken. (Travel months)

Zalando expects to be finished with her Swedish stocks at the end of 2017, according to co-founder David Schneider. The goal is to reduce the number of transit days from 2-5 to one. (Travel months)

Fingerprint Cards last ceo Johan Carlström didn’t insynsanmäla their trading with warrants in the company, because the FI’s practice was such. It is found in a new book about the company. (DI mon)

On Tuesday begins the trial of ekobrottsåtalade Saab Automobile-peaks Victor Muller and Jan Åke Jonsson at the Vänersborg district court. (SvD sat)


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