Thursday, January 26, 2017

Sharp price increases of SEB Private Business

"Simple everyday" is SEB’s services for privatkujnder, a package deal that includes a current account, savings account, different payment services, and cards. So far the service has cost 300 sek per year and per customer, but the price will be after the first quarter in the year 420 bc, according to the bank’s website.

Also the prices for bank cards Visa and SEB Debit is raised. This will be the annual fee 300 sek, 50 sek higher than in the past. For young people between 16 and 18 years of age raised the price by £ 50 to 240 b.c.

Several readers have contacted DN about the sharp rise in the price of safe-deposit boxes at the bank. In one case, the customer has previously paid 650 sek per year, but after the raise ports the price of 1 550 bc another customer has seen the price go up from 1 200 $ to 2 200 €

SEB says to the newspaper that there are multiple causes for the increases in the bank – or laptopsafe. One reason is that prices of this type of service not changed in five years.

” We have made a change to the price shall be the equivalent in the whole of Sweden. Earlier, prices have varied between different offices, ” says Frank Hojem, head of media relations at SEB.

According to SEB are the prices after the increase in the level or even below the prices of the other banks.

Those customers who do not want to pay the bills and invoices digitally, submit a letter to the bank may also be felt at a raise – sek 60, to 240 b.c.


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