Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Carlström and Söderfjell released – continue to be suspicious – the Swedish newspaper svenska Dagbladet

Photo: Bjorn Larsson Rosvall/TT

Fingerprint Cards, and board member Lars Söderfjell released at 17 o’clock on the Tuesday, on the loose from the Kronobergshäktet where he has been charged in over a day.

” He is not detained longer. We have just had a hearing and the prosecutor withdrew the arrest, ” says Olle Kullinger, Lars Söderfjells lawyer, to SvD.

Barely an hour later lifted the request against the storägaren Johan Carlström and even he left Kronobergshäktet. Both consider themselves innocent of the charges, but remains suspected of a crime and is being further investigated by the prosecutor’s office.

– Carlström was released at 18: 00 and on the way home, ” says Per E Samuelsson, Carlströms lawyer.

Per E Samuelsson during the day has been busy with the big Saab-the trial in Vänersborg and has had a replacement during the prosecutor’s questioning of Johan Carlström.

” I was not at today’s hearing, but already yesterday it was clear that Carlström had a natural explanation. There is a commercial explanation that does not involve any inside information to the transactions that the prosecutor questioned. Although it may looked very strange on the paper when the prosecutor looked at it, ” he says.

What now?

the serious fraud office has taken Carlströms phone so I have not got hold of him. But he should probably go home, lick their wounds and rest up. Now the ball is in the prosecutor of what happens in the future, ” says Per E Samuelsson.

Lars Söderfjell and Johan Carlström was arrested and detained on Monday morning suspected of aggravated insider dealing. The financial crime after the arrests held hearings and made several searches in the case.

the Suspicions against Söderfjell and Carlström serious insider dealing and disclosure of inside information in connection with Fingerprint vinstvarnade in december last year. Ekobrottsmyndighetens preliminary investigation was begun after a värdepapperinstitut drawn attention to the extensive sale of the shares in the Fingerprint before the profit warning.

Ekobrottsmyndighetens investigation continues now to Johan Carlström and Lars Söderfjell. Carlström is also charged with several serious insider dealing and a trial is scheduled in the spring.

"It is not an unusual situation we are dealing with in so far that it often requires a deprivation of liberty in the beginning of an investigation, then the investigation continue with the customary methods of investigation without detention," writes prosecutor Olof Kronlund, in a press release, and continues:

"Now shall we continue acquire data, analyze and evaluate them. Then as usual, we determine how strong the suspicion is, what evidence there is, and if the case shall be closed down or if it will lead to prosecutions, we can’t assess at the moment," writes the prosecutor, Olof Kronlund.

Fingerprints share was down over 7% when the stock market closed on Monday, but recovered slightly on Tuesday.


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