Sunday, January 22, 2017

Calf got killed after meeting with combat boat ” stridsbåt –

On we offer You a forum to express your views, where you can easily make your post available to others participating in the same moment you publish it. What we expect of You is:

• That you are respectful of others who comment on the articles and people we write about by you to avoid personal attacks, offensive or demeaning remarks, profanity or obscene words, gossips and threats.

• that you stick To the subject

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• you do NOT link to pages with pornographic, sexist or racist content

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• To you in the post do NOT make unauthorized publishing of copyrighted material

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Post that violates one or more of the above rules of conduct can we get to delete.

NOTE: Your posts, we reserve the right to use in newspaper Land Lantbruk.
We’d love to have your help to find the questionable post. Contact the editors for comments that You think are questionable by calling the Farm at 08-588 365 20.

Webbkommentarsfunktionen provided and monitored in accordance with the Act on responsibility for electronic bulletin boards (SFS 1998:112). It means that the editors regularly check and, if necessary, remove posts that violate this law. follow the same press ethical stance that the printed magazine. It means that we can choose to delete individual posts, avoid to open, some of the items for comments or whenever turn off the ability to the comments in the case, the postings are exempt from these rules.
The one who makes a post contrary to the law may be personally responsible for this. Users who repeatedly abuse the rules can be turned off.


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