Friday, January 27, 2017

He buys all the McDonald’s in the Nordic countries – Expressen

The british financier Guy Hands and his uppköpsfond Terra Firma acquired all of the 435 McDonald’s restaurants in the Nordic countries, writes the business and refers to a press release from the Danish stock Exchange.

the Purchase means that Terra Firma takes over the ownership and license to operate restaurants in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

How much he paid is still a secret, but the deal is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2017.

” It’s an exciting opportunity to launch a strong partnership with the world’s leading global brands," says Guy Hands in the press release.

In december, it was mentioned the sum of sek 3.9 billion for the Nordic region’s all McDonald’s restaurants, writes Veckans affärer.

Ran EMI "disastrous"

Guy Hands, 57, is the founder and owner of Terra Firma. As a young man was diagnosed him with severe dyslexia. A few years ago he took over the british label EMI, an adventure in which, inter alia, the BBC describes as "catastrophic".

today, he lives in the tax haven of Guernsey.

a Turnover of 4.8 billion in Sweden

There are around 220 McDonald’s restaurants in Sweden.

According to the McDonald’s served 435 000 guests daily and the turnover is sek 4.8 billion.

The first restaurant opened on Kungsgatan in Stockholm in October 1973 by Paul Lederhausen.

Then the cost of a Big Mac, sek 4.75.


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