Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Kjell A. Nordström: “the Swedish countryside will be desolate for 30 years” – Dalarnas Tidningar

In the beginning of January la politicians forward a series of proposals on how the countryside is to be saved in the great landsbygdsutredningen.

But the attempts are in vain, says Kjell A. Nordström, economics professor at Stockholm school of Economics.

in His ruling on dispersed settlements future is fierce.

While the greater Stockholm region is growing at a rapid pace – two times faster than China, according to Nordström – large parts of Sweden to be destroyed economically by 2050, argues the economist on the Nordic Business Forum, according to the Weekly Business that was in place during his speech at the conference.

– We call this skräpyta. It is, for example, Värmland and Gotland, which is the typical case of skräpyta. There is no economic activity, no university, no entertainment, no shopping, nothing, just trees," says Nordström, according to Swedish Business weekly Veckans affärer.

But it was not enough. Nordström continued to speculate as to the future of rural areas:

And if you go there, you will find three alcoholics, a few children, and a couple of freaks. It is what remains, all others have escaped. And you can find them in places like the main square in the Avesta. I’m not saying that it is good. But I am not saying it is bad either. The only thing I say is: get used to this, ” he says.

Kjell A. Nordström believes that digital development is today going to compare with the industrial revolution in the 1800s. But, argues Kjell A. Nordström, the digital revolution is happening 10 times faster than the industrial revolution.

And the technology we have available today are 300 times more powerful than the industrial revolution. It means that the political and economic system is now subjected to a force which is 3000 times stronger than that of the industrial revolution. This explains the fear that the world is experiencing. And it explains the phenomenon of Donald Trump, ” says Kjell A. Nordström, according to Swedish Business weekly Veckans affärer.


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