Sunday, January 22, 2017

Answer of the day: Now is lowered petrol prices – the Express newspaper

After today’s reduction will be the target price for a litre of 95–octane gasoline at the manned stations sek 14 and 22 cents.

the Price of diesel is lowered by ten cents to 13:90 sek per litre. The ethanol is left on past 11:77 kronor.

the price Cuts are the first of more than a month. On december 5, step petrol price for 95 octane with 10 öre. The price continued to climb a few days before the new year when the price rose by a further ten penny.

Ulf Svahn, ceo of the trade association of the Swedish petroleum and biofuels institute, SPBI, stated in the beginning of december about the rising price of petrol:

– We already have a high bensinpris, it is already inculcated in people’s expectations, ” said Ulf Svahn.

Since the end of the year, petrol rates has been increased, which means that Sweden may have the world’s highest gasoline tax, according to the trade associations Car in Sweden.

Very billgast went there this morning to refuel at the Preem at Göteborgsvägen 110 in Partille outside of Gothenburg. According to the site gasoline the cost of a litre of 95 octane sek 13 and 39 cents per litre.


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