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Fingerprints the former ceo arrested – Västerbottens-kuriren (the Courier)

Economy. Fingerprint Cards previously the ceo, Johan Carlström and the board member Lars Söderfjell have been arrested suspected of market abuse.


the insider dealing offence committed by someone who has received inside information to purchase or sell financial instruments affected by the information.

It is also an offence to provide advice or otherwise get someone to buy or sell financial instruments using inside information as the basis.

the Penalty is imprisonment not exceeding two years. If the crime is minor, it can result in a fine or imprisonment not exceeding six months.

Source: Ne.see

Biometriföretagets share fell 7.5 per cent on the stock exchange.

— This is obviously very sad. So far we have very little information about what happened, but of course we will cooperate fully with the serious fraud office, says the chairman of the board Jan Wäreby.

TT: Can Lars Söderfjell sit in the board of directors?

— of course, It is a discussion we must have, but first we need to get the opportunity to talk with him, and only then can we make a decision. As it is now go do it, because he is arrested.

the Investigation was launched on 12 december last year. After that, securities firms paid attention to the extensive sales of the shares in the Fingerprint prior to the profit warning from the company on december 8, 2016.

"He is upset"

Johan Carlströms lawyer Per E Samuelson is convinced that the allegations were a mistake.

— He is resentful but have collected themselves. He denies the crime and has left the clear and clear information, reassurance, about how this deal has gone to. I am quite convinced that no error at all was committed, but that this is a mistake from the Ekobrottsmyndighetens side, ” says Samuelson, the Echo.

Carlström is resentful of the media uproar that has occurred.

— He is upset and thinks that he is getting a far too unfair and harsh treatment, both of the serious fraud office and in the mass media, ” says Samuelson.

Black sheep

— this company never ceases to amaze and it never gets peace and quiet. It is the stock market’s black sheep. From the company’s side, says, ” surely this does not at all affect the operation, but it is clear that the blacken down the company and its trust. Not least because both Carlström and Söderfjell is the principal owner of the Fingerprint Cards, ” says Joakim Bornold, sparekonom in Nairobi.

That there is no misunderstanding from their side, think he does not.

— I think not. Both have good transparency in the rules, and they know absolutely what you get and what not do. But so far it is only a suspicion, we have to be clear for us, ” says Joakim Bornold.

Three years ‘ salary

"Privacy concerns in the investigation, and thus I can’t tell you what the people involved in this," says prosecutor Olof Kronlund in a press release.

There are several investigations relating to trading in the Fingerprint, as 2016 was one of the market the real winner.

"I don’t want to in the context of this case to go into what has been in the past, we now have to do with a new event from december 2016, we shall go to the bottom," says Kronlund.

The suspect Johan Carlström left their employment in the Fingerprint in October of last year. He remained, however, as the majority owner of the company, and when he terminated employment, he received three years ‘ salary, nearly eleven million in severance pay.


the Reason for the large amount was, according to the company, that Carlström has been eight years in the company, and had "contributed greatly to its success".

the controversy around Carlström has been many. He is charged with several serious insider dealing that must have occurred between 2012 and 2014. The trial is scheduled to in spring.

He is suspected to have earned millions of dollars by systematically have taken advantage of prior information when he traded the shares and warrants.


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