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Anders Borg suspected of bribery during the jaktresan – Svenska Dagbladet

Kinnevik’s deputy chairman Anders Borg, Sweden’s former finance minister, is interviewed during a hunt in 2009 in the Malingsbo-Kloten. The minister of finance had not shot any moose but have seen a couple of pieces. In the background, to the left, king Carl XVI Gustaf. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT

"In the meantime, in the government, I followed a strict line and paid for events. The investigation related to an event after the 2014 elections, when I left the government. I am convinced that I handled this correctly", writes Anders Borg in a text message to the Travel Industry.

the daily News has previously told you that the Borg are paid 2 500 sek at a time with his own money when he followed on the group’s hunting trips, significantly less than what the trips actually cost, according to the DN’s data.

he Now is in a the criminal investigation is ongoing at the Riksenheten of corruption against the company, writes Dagens Industri, referring to sources in the police. DI writes that the Borg is served a reasonable suspicion for the receipt of a bribe.

Anders Borg has been interrogated by Riksenheten against corruption for his participation in the Holmen yachts, confirms Anders Borg’s lawyer, Hans Strandberg, the DI.

” It’s all about a hunt that he participated in after he quit as finance minister. But the prosecutor connects the chase to his service as a minister, ” says Hans Strandberg to the DI.

Anders Borg and Fredrik Lundberg. Photo: Malin Hoelstad, Magnus Hjalmarson Neideman

the Interview took place at the end of last year. Borg denies the crime and is oblivious to the fact that he is notified of suspicion, according to the lawyer.

“He is a good friend of Fredrik Lundberg, and at the jakttillfällen he has participated in the past, he has paid for exactly what he is supposed to,” says Strandberg.

– There is no evidence that he would be guilty.

Holmen’s ceo Henrik Sjölund do not want to comment about Anders Borg been interrogated or served suspicion.

Holmen’s chairman of the board Fredrik Lundberg has been questioned and served a reasonable suspicion of bribe giving reports TT.

the Financier himself states that he is convinced that no violation occurred. In a press release from Holmen stated that since 2015 is an ongoing criminal investigation “in respect of some of the yachts that Holmen arranged and Fredrik Lundberg in his role as chairman of the board hosted”.

so Far, two people served with a suspicion, if the donor and the bribe-taking.

– If there are more people I can’t go on, ” says chief prosecutor Alf Johansson.

But it is, of course, far more people who have participated in the hunts, so it can get to grow.

The possibly criminala is all about an unfair advantage, representationsjakt, that is too extensive for it to be okay. How large the value of the any mutan is, doesn’t want Alf Johansson comment.

the Investigation was launched, according to Johansson, by the end of 2015 then the journalists started to dig into the history.

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