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George Soros: Trump is a sharper – will fail – Svenska Dagbladet

Financier George Soros. Photo: Manuel Balce Ceneta/TT

DAVOS Slowly but with steady time, the american-Hungarian financier, mångmiljardären and philanthropist George Soros into the dining room at the luxury hotel Seehof in the swiss ski resort of Davos. He wears a dark suit and burgundy tie. The steel gray hair is brushed back and and the look is friendly but slightly wary.

Trump is a sharper, swindler, and confidence man. And a possible dictator.

He smiles mildly at the group of businessmen and journalists who’ve been invited to dinner this evening, 24 hours before Donald Trump will be installed as AMERICA’s 45th president. So will the judgment of the omstridde 86-year-old businessman who joined in klinch with both Trump that of Putin.

− Trump will fail. Personally, I am convinced that he will fail. Not just because I want him to fail but his ideas are contradictory, ” says George Soros.

” I have described him as a sharper, swindler, and confidence man. And a possible dictator. But he is only one of the possible dictator. Trump would be a dictator if he could get away with it. But he will not be able to cope.

Soros is convinced that Trump will meet with resistance from the congress and the constitution. At the same time, he says that it is impossible to predict how Trump is going to act.

” He has not thought through it myself because he was not prepared to win. He was surprised. Trump was busy to build their brand by attracting the masses. It was only when he was elected that he began to seriously think about what he would do.

George Soros at the World economic Forum in Davos. Photo: Gunilla von Hall

But so far the markets have reacted positively to the choice of Trump. Though it is of short duration, think George Soros.

the Markets see a Trump that deregulates and lowers taxes. It has been their dream. So their dream has come true. But at the same time, there is considerable uncertainty today, on top. Uncertainty is long term investments great enemy. So I do not believe that the markets will fare well.

George Soros shakes his head and says that this will not end well.

– the Trump stands for a ruling that is the opposite of an open society. It can best be described as a dictatorship or mafia state. It will not go well in America. He will disrupt and divide America. The united states will be stuck in an internal struggle.

” I shall keep myself as far from him as I can.

Putin has exercised influence on the Trump.

Trump’s confrontational attitude towards China with the threat of higher duties and tariffs, is also worrying, says George Soros.

Trump is gearing up for trade war. But it is not compatible with a functioning economy. You can’t have a trade war and the functioning of the economic system.

the president of China Xi Jingpin has been the big names at the World economic Forum in Davos and his speech on free trade and globalization was pure praise to capitalism and free markets. China takes advantage of the turmoil surrounding Trump and the power vacuum that has emerged.

Trump will make China more acceptable in the international community than China had been able to do on their own. They will get the good help of Trump, says Soros, with the irony of the voice then continues:

” It is in everyone’s interest to see China succeed and become part of an international system and accepted as a potential leader. China is currently at a crossroads. Should the country become more open or closed? It will be decided within the next two years, think Soros.

He says to the rapprochement between the Trump and Putin is highly questionable and poses a risk for Europe.

− It is definitely so. Putin has exercised influence on Trump. He has done everything to help Trumps campaign and influence public opinion, and, in particular, to destroy Hillary Clinton’s campaign. He was successful beyond his expectations.

When it comes to Europe, George Soros scenario clean the abyss. He has previously said that the EU will crumble, but the files now of the edges on this gloomy prophecy.

” Neither China or Putin want Europe to fall apart. Both have their own reasons. China needs Europe as a market, and Putin needs Europe to produce goods that they can not do themselves. Europe will not disintegrera completely. But for the moment it goes in the wrong direction.

– the EU has become too complicated, and people feel alienated. Anti-european parties and movements are growing stronger. The political elite must realize that the failure to fulfil the people’s expectations. They are responsible for the Eu’s collapse.

George Soros continues to describe the 2016 as the year for the EUROPEAN union.

” Last year was a disaster with brexit and the Italian elections. We must do everything to preserve the EU and to restore it. The EUROPEAN union has become dysfunctional. It is governed by laws that do not fit in with today’s conditions, especially after the financial crisis of 2008.

But brexit is the biggest headache for the EU, summarizes the financier who has become criticized for the extensive currency speculation, which led to financial crises.

– This will be a long process. It is unlikely that the prime minister Theresa May will stay in power. I don’t think she can manage.

George Soros says that a bitter divorce would be unfortunate for both the EU and the united kingdom.

Right now the british are in denial. But when the currency depreciates and inflation increases, the standard of living to decline. Since the coming of the british to realize that they don’t earn as much as the cost increases and it becomes tough, ” says Soros, and ends snärtigt:

− the Divorce will take a very long time. It is much harder to divorce than to marry.

So les George Soros his gentle smile again. Shaking hands with a few powerful businessmen and disappears through the kitchen at the posh hotel in the icy winter night.


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