Friday, January 20, 2017

Financier Qviberg questioned in the right – Västerbottens-kuriren (the Courier)

In August 2010 revoked financial supervisory authority (FI) the permits for the HQ Bank. According to the FI, the bank had such great risks to the survival compromised.

Soon after this was put HQ Bank into liquidation.

In september – just days after FI pulled out banktillståndet – began a criminal investigation of serious fraud in the HQ Bank.

In January 2015, led the investigation until criminal charges against the key individuals.

In June 2016 acquitted all the accused of charges in district court.

A central issue in the case was whether the HQ Bank’s values followed the applicable accounting rules.

In march 2011 pointed to the new board of directors of HQ AB out, among others, Mats Qviberg, who is responsible for the breakdown of HQ Bank. A lawsuit was filed in June of the same year.

the Trial in the case began on november 8 last year and runs until 17 June 2017.

The defendant is required, inter alia, damages of sek 3.2 billion plus interest.


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