Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Börsrekord on Wall Street – Västerbottens-kuriren (the Courier)

Economy. Leading stock indexes on Wall Street have in the initial trade boost to new record highs, with the Dow Jones industrials over 20 000 points for the first time.

After just over an hour’s trading, the index had, with the 30 heaviest shares on the New York and Nasdaq stock exchange, went up by 0.7 percent to 20 060.

this has the Dow Jones industrial index has risen by almost 10 per cent since Donald Trump’s unexpected victory in the U.S. presidential election on november 8.

Among Wednesday’s winners are the aircraft manufacturer Boeing, whose share lift by 2.4 per cent after an unexpectedly strong financials for 2016, and a forecast of increased flygplansleveranser this year compared to last year.

The broader S&P 500 index is also at record levels close to the 3 000 mark.

Martin Guri, chief analyst at Nordea, do not think that the Dow Jones record high is something special to rejoice over, but is of the view that the development is not more than expected.

— It was up there and turned a few weeks ago. The stock markets rises over time that the benefits are rising over time. We’ll see what happens, if it is established, or if there is a setback, ” he says.

He downplaying a possible link between the election of Donald Trump to the president and stock market performance.

— It has a part to do with it, but the real reality has not changed so much. Basically, the rises in the indexes for profits rises. Vinstprognoserna has not changed for he has come to power. They were already there before the election, ” says Martin Guri.


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