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AMF of Fingerprint: ”It feels like that” – Svenska Dagbladet

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On Monday morning was released nyhetsbomben: Lars Söderfjell and Fingerprint Cards major shareholder Johan Carlström, is suspected of aggravated insider dealing.

A preliminary investigation began on 12 december, citing the EBM’s corporate communications manager, Katinka Wall, after that a securities institution drawn the attention of the major sales before the scandalous, the company’s profit warning on 8 december.

In the morning conducted a search and two people have been arrested, ” says Katinka Wall card after Fingerprint gone out with the information.

– To collect evidence and to put the kind of, for example, paper, computers, and equipment that you may need in the investigation.

Where was the search warrant, in their home or at the office?

” we can’t go out with but office and home addresses, it is common.

The two bolagshöjdarna is in custody until Thursday, when a häktningsframställan is required, only then is thus determined if they are to be detained. According to SvD’s sources, they are in Kronobergshäktet in Stockholm, where Johan Carlström had been sitting earlier in the day a few years ago – even then suspected of serious insider dealing.

– Häktningsförhandlingen shall be held no later than Thursday, but it can happen earlier, ” says Katinka Wall.

EBM opens you to more may be arrested.

” We can get to see several searches of the week as well, more people are likely to be picked up, hypothetically. So it is not possible to put any end time for this yet.

Prosecutor Olof Kronlund is extremely secretive. In a press release, he writes:

” I don’t want to in the context of this case to go into what has been in the past, we now have to do with a new event from december 2016, we shall go to the bottom of.

Pensionsjätten AMF are Fingerprints the fifth largest owner and on Monday afternoon had not yet received any information from the company.

I am looking for Jan Wäreby (Fingerprints chairman, ed) to get more information. The Fingerprint must be more börsetablerat and börsfähigt. To have a board member who is accused of serious insider dealing, it feels like that, to be quite honest, ” says Anders Oscarsson, head of equities and ägaransvarig AMF.

“No one is guilty until he is sentenced, but it is not good that the Fingerprint is in this context,” he says.

AMF continue to be a major shareholder?

” We have made an investment because we believe in the company and that it contributes to the return. Sometimes it will be a hassle of the governance reasons, that is to say that the company can not manage and then there will be only badwill, but this is part of a former Fingerprint-employees, Johan Carlström. And Lars Söderfjäll I don’t know what he’s done, ” says Anders Oscarsson.

– When we have the whole picture, we will see how we get involved. We’ll take the position.

The person arrested Lars Söderfjell is aktiestrateg at Swedbank, the bank received the information this morning.

“It’s always serious when someone gets arrested,” says Gabriel Franckerodau, but refers to Söderfjell is on leave. He had to leave the bank temporarily in the fall in conjunction with the intressediskussioner linked to the Fingerprint Cards.

Jan Wäreby, corporate executive chairman of the board of Fingerprint Cards, comments in writing:

” We are looking very seriously at the occurred and the data now come to our attention. We work of course with the serious fraud office, ” he says in a press release.

the Shares fell around 6 percent on the news.


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