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News. During the Saturday night was the fifth edition of the Handelsgalan … – Västerbottens Folkblad

News. During the Saturday night was the fifth edition of the Handelsgalan Umeå at Umeå Folkets
House. Tickets for this year’s gala was completely sold out and the 480 guests, in addition to food and entertainment shelf expanding the nine laureates.

With the help of 6 100 voters, so could the winners of three of expanding the nine categories is selected.

” It feels incredibly fun that we through Handelsgalan get a chance to highlight the great people we have within the trade. Moreover, that it is the stores ‘own customers, who nominates and, in some cases, determine who wins are extra fun and something that the winners can be proud of,” says Janne Wiktorsson, project manager for the Handelsgalan.

The three categories in which voting is used to determine who wins store of the Year, this Year’s grocery store, and Net sales assistants.

this Year’s sales assistants was Peter Edén from Team Sportia with the motivation " With a long experience and product knowledge beyond the ordinary, we have here a brilliant stjärnsäljare on Umeå butikshimmel. Obviously keeping customers."

Both the ICA and the Coop got the win

The store was ohlsson’s Fabrics beamed with joy from the stage. The evening’s biggest cheers was ICA Kvantum Kronoparken for when it took home the prize in the category this Year grocery store in competition with the Coop Forum and Coop Holmsund.

Coop was, however, not handed, but the Coop City store manager Faouzi Makso received the award as leader of the Year.

Sold out gala evening

in Total attended by 480 guests at the Handelsgalan and they were treated to food and entertainment of high class. Among the guests were both shop owners and their staff, as the leading politicians and property owners.

the Gala was once again completely sold out. This is of course incredibly fun, and shows if nothing else that galan be considered to be important and we look already forward to next years Handelsgala, ” says Janne Wiktorsson.

Here are all the winners

store of the Year: Ohlssons Tyger

The grocery store: ICA Kvantum Kronoparken

this Year’s sales assistants: Peter Edén, Team Sportia

this Year’s frisörföretagare: Hårizont

this Year’s sustainable solution: Meretes

the leader of the Year: Faouzi Makso, Coop City

this Year’s young rising stars: Tina Jakobsson, Lyko

Umeå Newspaper promotion awards (eepa): Elkedjan

this Year’s profilpris: Anna Wikholm Kjellberg, ceo Visit Umeå


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