Tuesday, January 31, 2017

After the bankruptcy of Shops in Umeå can be saved – Västerbottens-kuriren (the Courier)

Affärsliv24. to The bankrupt fashion chain Dea Axelssons has got a new owner – the holding company Mellby Gård.
According to what Affärsliv24 experience will be both of the shops in Umeå are left.

It was on Monday that Mellby Gård signing the contract to take over the bankrupt chain Dea Axelssons.

“We have the ambition to push on 90 percent of the chain’s stores – 27 pieces,” says Erik Andersson, member of the board of Mellby Gård, to Affärsliv24.

According to what Affärsliv24 experience, it is clear that the two stores in Umeå, in the Utopia and Avion, will be left. However, the closed shop in Skellefteå down.

Correct data?

” this is it for us. Everything is 99% clear, but it is not set in stone, so I do not want to precede events in the present time, ” says Erik Andersson.

But the hope is not out for the stores in Umeå?

– No, it is not.

Mellby Gård AB is a family-owned group with over 20 companies in different industries, including retail, where fashion company Flash AB included. Mellby Gård also has a 20% ownership interest in Kapp Ahl.

“the Dea Axelssons stores will continue to operate under the same brand,” says Erik Andersson.

the retail Chain, which sells women’s clothing and accessories, was founded in 1923 in Katrineholm.

According to the Affärsliv24 to most of the staff continue working in the shops.

” We are not going to change anything. But it is a pity that we can’t keep all shops. But if we are to turn on after the development of the Dea Axelssons bankruptcy, we must take action, ” says Erik Andersson.


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