Monday, January 23, 2017

Söderfjell and Carlström arrested …

up to DATE. Fingerprint announces that the board member Lars Söderfjell and the shareholder, Johan Carlström, is under arrest for suspected market abuse in connection with the profit warning in december 2016. It is clear from a press release.

It is the serious fraud office, which has asked Lars Söderfjell and Johan Carlström.

“We are very serious about the incident and the particulars now brought to our attention. We work of course with the financial crime,” says Jan Wäreby, corporate executive chairman of the board of Fingerprint Cards in the press release.

the Company’s operations are not affected by the incident, called it.

with respect to the Lars Söderfjells continued work in the board of directors has no decision had been taken and Fingerprint havefor not currently have any further comments to give.

Wäreby: “We know nothing more”

Fingerprint Cards ceo Christian Fredrikson and chairman of the board Jan Wäreby has not received any more information from the authorities about why Lars Söderfjell and Johan Carlström has been arrested.

“We know nothing more, we have not received any more details from the authorities more than what we say in the release right now,” says Jan Wäreby to the News agency Directly.

the Fingerprint Cards the board of directors had on Monday morning, knowing that the board member Lars Söderfjell and storägaren Johan Carlström has been arrested suspected of market abuse in connection with the company’s profit warning in december 2016.

the suspicions of leaks or trading in shares?

“There is nothing we know of. We went out with the release at once since it is sensitive information. We have not had any opportunity to talk with Lars and both of the two (Lars Söderfjell and Johan Carlström, ed) is arrested,” says Jan Wäreby.

Closes the Söderfjell of?

When it comes to the profit warning in december, the Fingerprint Cards the board of directors meeting Tuesday 6 december, but the formal decision on the prognossänkningen was taken, according to the company first thing in the morning on Thursday, 8 december, the same day that the company’s capital markets day.

Discussed you a prognossänkning at the meeting?

“We don’t go out publicly and discuss what we do at our meetings. The decision on the prognossänkningen was formally in the morning on Thursday,” says Jan Wäreby.

It is the same information that he submitted to the Agency Directly during the capital markets day.

Closes the Lars Söderfjell from the work of the board?

“We have not had time to take any decision about it. First and foremost, we should not speculate on what happens in the investigation, and we will help EBM with what we can,” he says.

Carlström previously suspected

EBM asked you to submit any information?

“Not yet.”

FPC’s major shareholder Johan Carlström is suspected of several cases of blatant insider dealing and trial is scheduled in spring 2017.

How do you see that it shows up further suspicions against people in Fingerprints the board of directors?

“Since I’ve been president, this is the first thing that happened. We have expanded the board of directors and are actively working with information security and governance issues. It is very sad when such a thing happens but continues to work on the issues,” says Jan Wäreby.

Fingerprint Cards ceo Christian Fredrikson adds that this does not affect the company’s operations.

“From our side is to continue to work operationally in the business,” he says.

the News agency Directly has been trying to reach Lars Söderfjell and Johan Carlström, but without succeeding because they are deprived of liberty. According to the EBM was carried out search warrants in the morning and people can be detained until Thursday, when a häktningsframställan is required.


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