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Criticism of the Löfvens Janouch-statement – Aftonbladet

STOCKHOLM/DAVOS. Stefan Löfven received criticism for having called the author Katerina Janouchs statement in the Czech tv for the "very strange".

But he stands by his words.

– You may criticize how you want, but I also have the right to have an opinion, ” says Löfven.

Katerina Janouchs participation in the Czech tv has led to an intense debate about the image of Sweden abroad. In the interview spoke Janouch on integration and immigration in Sweden. Several critics believe, however, that she spreads prejudice and lies.

Now prime minister Stefan Löfven commented on Janouchs image of Sweden.

– There is a person who makes a, in my opinion, very strange statement. Respect is big for the Swedish and the nordic model, combining productivity with equality, good working conditions for employees with productive and efficient enterprises, and a welfare that helps. There is a strong belief in it, ” says Löfven.

"Required heavy opponent to go in the controversy"

Medierådgivaren Paul Ronge is critical to Stefan Löfvens comment.

– It’s like shooting mosquitoes with a bazooka, ” he says.

– I have full understanding that to react on what Katerina Janouch said in on Czech tv, what she says, you might think is hair-raising. But when a prime minister goes into such a question, one wonders what he’ll do next time. Should he have views on Ivar Arpi, Svenska Dagbladet? Where should he draw the line?

Why should he not have views on it?

– One must choose their battles. Are you on the statsministernivå, it requires quite a heavy opponent to go in the controversy. There is one thing about Anna Kinberg Batra would have been out there and have said something similar. But a single debater who Katerina Janouch, that I do not understand the point of.

S-political scientist: the Good of the prime minister

The S-branded political scientist Ulf Bjereld do not believe that Stefan Löfven should have refrained from commenting on Katerina Janouchs statement.

– Katerina Janouch is a free citizen and exercising his freedom of speech to push their things. He is questioning not that she may say it, he gives a different picture. I think on the contrary it is good that the prime minister stands up and defends the country he is set to lead.

Janouch: probably Has no idea about what I said

Katerina Janouch commented on Stefan Löfvens statement on Facebook, in which she draws parallels to the communist dictatorships. In a text message to Aftonbladet, she writes:

"It shows how serious the DN’s garbled version of what I said in the Czech television is when it has such consequences that even the Swedish prime minister, speaks negatively about me, but to yourself it is likely to have a clue about what I said".

She continues:

"Then it becomes, of course, very contradictory to Lövfen think it is terrible that I said we have a migration crisis, when it was his government that closed the borders, imposed identity, and he himself stated quotes; "migrationskrisen is a global issue".

Stefan Löfven said in Davos on the issue of how he looks at his statement about Janouch caused criticism at home in Sweden.

– You may criticize how you want, but I also have the right to have an opinion, ” says Löfven, and affirms he does not intend to comment on the issue further now.


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