Thursday, January 19, 2017

Sparmiss has cost the swedes 107 billion – Svenska Dagbladet

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ten years ago was account savings 21% of household assets. Today, the corresponding figure is 30 per cent. During the same period, the total equity that households have in their savings accounts increased by 9 per cent per year. It can be compared with the corresponding rate of increase for the funds and the shares, 5 per cent. It shows statistics from statistics SWEDEN and the SBAB.

savings deposits is, in other words, the swedes have a warm heart. And despite the fact that savings rates in recent years have been very low or non-existent.

Since 2007, the swedes have put into 940 billion on their savings accounts. On average, the interest rate has remained at 1.1 per cent during the ten years that have passed since then. SBAB has counted on what these savers would have received if the savers opted out of the major banks ‘ low – or nollräntekonton, and instead opted for a nischbank that can give a little higher rate of interest. As a comparison, the bank has chosen it’s own savings account, where the average rate of interest has been 2.1 per cent during the same period.

According to the calculations, had the swedes been able to get 170 billion more in returns if they selected an account with twice as high rate of interest, i.e. just over 2 per cent.

– The equivalent to almost 11 000 per person, says SBAB’s chief economist Tor Borg.

the Comparison as said SBAB’s savings account. But currently there are several operators that provide a better interest rate than just SBAB, whose savings account gives of 0.55 in the rate of interest. Is one mortgage customer, you can get a little more, 0.7 per cent.

But, for example Collector, you may get 1% in interest rates with deposit insurance and free withdrawals. Avida Finans gives almost as much, 0.9 percent.


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