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Saab can be prosecuted in the brazilian muthärva – Göteborgs-Posten

Brazil’s ex-president Lula da Silva was charged recently in another large korruptionshärva where the purchase of 36 Gripen fighter jets is a part. Now considering that the prosecutor also prosecute the Swedish försvarsindustriföretaget, reports the Blank Spot Project.

It was on 9 december last year as the president of Brazil accused the country’s former president Lula da Silva, along with three other people in a massive corruption cases. According to the investigation, we suspect that Saab paid over 18 million for lobbyistföretaget Marcondes & Mautoni.

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– We are in step one. The investigation is ongoing. Longer until we can get to prosecute the Saab as well, ” said the attorney-general Herbert Mesquita now to the Blank Spot Project.

Lula got Dilma to choose the Gripen

The brazilian lobbyistföretagets owner Mauro Marcondes and his wife Cristina Mautoni are two of the four defendants. According to the indictment, was paid seven million to a firm owned by Lula da Silva’s son, Marcos Cláudio, who is also indicted, for that expresidenten would get his successor Dilma Rousseff to buy the Swedish stridsflygplanen.

” We have an extremely strict policy as regards business management. We have cooperated with the judicial authorities in Brazil at the previous genomlysningar of this agreement and will continue to do so, ” said Sebastian Carlsson, the then presschefen on the Saab to the GP on 9 december.

the Prosecutors believe that you should have paid you for the contract with Brazil, what do you say about it

– It is not true. We have acted in a transparent manner throughout the procurement process. Brazilian authorities have gone through the contract carefully on a number of occasions, most recently in the summer in London. Looking at the articles now directed no suspicions against neither the Saab or the saab employees. Are you interested in receiving comments on the brottsanklagelserna made now may I turn to the people mentioned, said Saab’s former press secretary.

Sebastian Carlsson works no longer remain as head of media relations at Saab AB, His replacement would today not comment on the fact that even the Swedish Saab AB may be prosecuted.

– We note only that neither the Saab or any Saabmedarbetare is the subject of the where the prosecution, said the company’s new head of media relations Helene Lindstrand to TT.

Facts in the indictment

Stefan Löfvens name appears in several places in the indictment, that TT has taken part of, even if it is not described that he suspected something. He stated, inter alia, have been keen to Gripenaffären would be implemented since the Saab “was not good financially”, with reference to a Portuguese Wikipedialänk. It says in the indictment that Saab went so poorly that the company requested in the bankruptcy in 2011.

But Saab AB did not fail. The prosecutor has mistaken försvarsindustriföretaget with the car manufacturer Saab.

No new Gripen without Brazil

It was without doubt urgent for Saab AB to find someone who wanted to buy the new Gripen model the company dreamed of. The riksdag in order to develop the new plane has all the time been that the development costs will be shared with at least one country.

for several years it looked like Switzerland would be the country. 2012, the government decided in the country that wanted to buy 22 gripen aircraft to a value of sek 23 billion. It led to Sweden the following year felt confident enough to put in an order for 60 new Gripen planes in Saab.

It was, however, no Gripenaffär with Switzerland in the end. The reason was that it was carried out a referendum in the country on the purchase on 18 may 2014. Where voted the swiss no to the government’s plans. Then had the negotiations been going on for over seven years.

the Swiss decision is made that it is almost three times the Swedish order of 60 fighter jets were in the game. Sweden could cancel its order no later than 2014 in the case of Switzerland or any other nation did not take a final decision on whether to also purchase the plane.

The only stakeholder with so far past plans to complete a purchase before 2014 was over, was then Brazil. On 27 October 2014 announced to finish the Saab that they have signed an agreement with the brazilian government on the development and production of 36 Gripen NG for the brazilian air force.

Lula suspect in several corruption cases

Ex-president Lula is suspected in a further three cases linked to the extensive korruptionshärvan around the parastatal oil company Petrobras.

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In one of these cases, the suspicions of cartels, favoritism, corruption and money laundering. In this case it is the construction company Odebrecht, which is in the centre.

The second case that he should have tried to bribe one of Petrobras ‘ former high-ranking executives. This is because Nestor Cerveró was one of the whistleblowers who started the whole korruptionshärvan around the oil company.

The third case regards the offences of passive corruption and money laundering. Where we suspect that the company OASIS should have bribed to benefits by renovating a luxury flat to Lula.

the Facts: Leaves in the indictment

Stefan Löfvens name appears in several places in the great korruptionsåtalet against, among others, Brazil’s former president Lula da Silva – but the prime minister is not described as a suspect of something.

Among other things, mentioned his visit in Brazil in 2015, where Gripenaffären was the major theme.

in Addition to Löfven during 2013, i.e. before he became prime minister, both have tried to get into a chat with Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff in connection with the Nelson Mandela funeral in south Africa, both have wanted to talk with Lula da Silva on a telephone.

The evidence presented in the indictment, however, it is always other people who refer to Löfvens desires, it is never about the phone calls or e-mails from him myself.

Source: Brazil’s attorney-general

Facts: second part published today, and the indictment

the Brazilian air force has ordered 36 gripen aircraft of Saab in a deal valued at 39.3 billion kronor, which was finished in september 2015.

According to the prosecutor, the Brazilian former president Lula da Silva during the period 2013-2015 used its influence to bear on the brazilian government that the Saab would win mångmiljardordern.

Four people were charged in december 2016, suspected of corruption, money laundering, and cartel formation: Lula da Silva, his son, Marcos Cláudio, PR-consultant Mauro Marcondes and his wife.

Both Lula da Silva and his son deny the allegations.

Saab has repeatedly reiterated that the company has not indulged in any irregularities in connection with the transaction.

Source: TT’s archives, and the Blank Spot Project


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