Saturday, January 14, 2017

Compromise on vinsttak attracts not M and C – Västerbottens-kuriren (the Courier)

Economy. Swedish Municipal want vinsttak for the school and the care of the elderly, but not for health care. A compromise that can attract the Alliance, according to chairman Baudin. But M and C, opinion of the proposal.

“We shall have removed the vinstdriften in all sectors, but most urgently needed now is within the school and the care of the elderly and the feel of our members in the flesh,” says Tobias Baudin to the Echo.

According to the Local, which represents more than half a million members who are largely working in the areas affected by the commission’s proposals, we do not see equally clearly that the gains in health care is pushing the working conditions of Union members.

— I think that the government should keep health care outside. Care, school and care sectors look very different, ” says Baudin to Today’s industry.

Vårdfacken critical

the League’s position means that all of the major vårdfacken is critical to a vinsttak for välfärdsföretagen in the health sector.

— This is most acute with the elderly and the school, and then one can wait with the healthcare system and then I hope that Alliance representatives can find agreement with the government.

No compromise

But neither the Conservatives or the Centre party wants to say yes to such a compromise.

— My assessment is that there will not be any room to compromise on an overall vinsttak, we are opposed to it, says the conservatives second vice-president Peter Danielsson to the radio.

And the centre party group leader in parliament, Anders W Jonsson, told the Echo that his party "will never agree to destroy the well-functioning elderly care".

Civilminister Ardalan Shekarabi (S) greets via his press secretary that the government noted the Union’s stance.

"We will make an overall assessment when the consultation period has expired. This is an issue we take seriously and it is important that we look at the whole picture," he writes in an e-mail to TT.


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