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Cities in the united states are calling for tens of thousands of electric cars – Västerbottens-kuriren (the Courier)

Economy. Who can quickly and easily shake up 24 000 electric cars? The wonder four västkuststäder in the united states, which attracts with a rekordorder. The number may rise to 100 000 – an order that would correspond to the whole of the previous year’s sales of emission cars in the country.


Now, in winter, the estimated number of rechargeable cars in the world have passed tvåmiljoners-line.

Particularly strong growth in China, the world’s largest market for rechargeable cars, and where many domestic brands belong to the best sellers. In Europe, which is the second largest overall market for electric cars, just before the third-place united states, is expected to the number of rechargeable cars are now around the end of the year amount to over 500 000.

Relatively speaking, Norway is ohotat as the green car promised land. Almost every car sold there during last year pass the pollution free operation, with a market share of pure electric cars at almost 19 percent, plug-in hybrids at 13 percent and non-rechargable hybrids of over 11 per cent.

Source: EV Volumes, Transport & Environment,

the Cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland is a leader in the miljöinitiativet MNCAA (Mayors National Climate Action Agenda). Within this framework, they have now requested information from the automakers about when and under what conditions they can deliver 24 000 emission vehicles for urban fleets. Total included over 50 cities in the united states in the MNCAA and the four initiators hope that more snags on the intended elbilsordern.

About 100 000

— it is Hoped that in February can other cities be included in the request, which hopefully draws up the required number of electric vehicles to 50 000 or even 100 000, ” says Matt Petersen, director of sustainability at Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti, according to the energy and miljösajten E&E News.

According to the branschsajten Inside EVs sold in the U.S. last year 159 139 rechargeable cars. But then plug-in hybrids – which can run both on electricity and fossil fuel included. The number of pure electric cars amounted to about 100 000, with the Tesla models S and X as best-seller.

Cheaper operation

the Cities, however, is believed to be primarily looking for lower wagons than the Tesla prestigeåk. The Los Angeles police department tried last year to the Tesla S and BMW I3 in active service, and when the 100 cars would be purchased, the choice fell on the electric German – whose unit price is less than half that of the Tesla model.

Los Angeles, second New York AMERICA’s largest city, now has a policy that at least half of all newly purchased cars should be emission. Among the advantages, mention of the city, in addition to cleaner air, the operating costs are 37% lower for electric vehicles than for fossilbilar.

the car Manufacturers have to the turn of February and march to respond, after which a formal procurement on the tens of thousands of new cars to be made.


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