Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Thousands excluded from the mobile bank-id.

Nowadays, almost all the swedes in the mobile bank-id. But last week was over a thousand people.

the Bank id in the mobile phone is used by 7.2 million swedes.Image: Jessica Gow/TT

Approximately 7.2 million swedes use the bank id when they pay bills or identify themselves on the network. And just this year the company expects the that govern the service to get an additional 400 000 new users.

– We can clearly see that the use of bank-id creeping down in ages. But even for those who are 70 plus, there are hopefully more people get the opportunity to use the bank id in the future, ” says Johan Eriksson, ceo Finansiell ID-Teknik Bid AB

But some people are excluded, because they can not, want to or afford to get the equipment required to use the bank-id. Last week hit over a thousand people, when their mobile phones are no longer possible to use in order to identify themselves with mobile bank id.

the Reason is that Microsoft has upgraded its operating system for mobile phones to Windows 10 Mobile, and finishes to modernize the older versions. The phones that can’t use the new operating system can also not use the bank-id.

– When the manufacturers stop providing support, so we release also. When the operating system cannot be upgraded so they become more unsafe and more vulnerable to security threats. .

– Unfortunately it is so. There are always users who end up caught in the middle when their phones are not supported anymore. There is nothing that we can do something about, says Johan Eriksson.

the Same thing has happened in the past, when the bank-id, the raised the requirements to the Android phones. And it will certainly happen again.

There is always a risk that you are excluding those who can’t afford to buy new computers and mobile phones? Or not keep up with the new technology?

” Yes, it is, of course, with the technological development. When the whole society is digitized, moved the services from the physical world to the electronic world. It is a social phenomenon. All people will not want to participate in the digital world. And some find it hard to get access to it, for example because they do not have internet access or poor mobile coverage, says Johan Eriksson.

the Bank id go now to use with authorities, banks, insurance companies and many businesses. But even if the bank id almost has a monopoly when it comes to e-id, so pointing Johan Eriksson that there are many other ways to pay digital: credit card, Klarna, bankdosor, Paypal, Izettle and a variety of other services that will be launched in the future.

today, over 93 per cent of swedes have access to internet at home. And four-fifths of the population uses a smart phone with the connection.

Bank-id expect that almost all swedes will use their services in the future. It increases the fastest is the use of mobile bank id in your tablet or phone.

” It rides entirely on the trend in Sweden is that more and more people get a smartphone and use it to more and more services. People want to be able to do services at different times, when they have time. And when they do it is often via mobile phone as they always have with them, ” says Johan Eriksson.

the Facts: Bank id

the Bank id is an electronic identification that you use on the internet. For example, in the bank or other companies and authorities. The Bank id is by far Sweden’s largest e-id and are issued by twelve different banks.

7.2 million swedes have a bank id (6 million have mobile bank id). And in 2017 is calculated, we use bank-id at almost 2.5 billion times.

Bank-id is operated by the company Finansiell ID-Teknik Bid AB, which is jointly owned by several of the big banks. In the year 2015, the company had a turnover of 140 million.


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