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Bildt: “It has been spreading disturbing images of Sweden” – Aftonbladet

DAVOS. The image of Sweden abroad has been discussed after the author Katerina Janouch interview in the Czech tv about the Swedish refugee situation.

Stefan Löfven condemning her statement – but we believe that the respect for Sweden is still large in other countries.

Carl Bildt, who is also in Davos, however, is more concerned.

– It is clear that there has been disturbing image of Sweden, especially when we made a u-turn in refugee policy was very dramatic, ” he says.

The small swiss ski resort Davos, which with its nearly 1600 metres above sea level is Europe’s highest located city, are now host to all sorts of senior politicians, business representatives and hollywood stars. For the 47th year in a row, will gather the economic elite here.

On-site during the takkronorna are also a number of swedes. Among them, prime minister Stefan Löfven (S) who arrived on Tuesday afternoon. He started with a conversation about global goals for the world and also have a number of meetings scheduled and a dinner with special guests.

the Face of the collection in Davos, underlined the minister of finance Magdalena Andersson (S) to brexitomröstningen in the Uk and the choice of Donald Trump as the president of the united states have been given more to get up the eyes for the Swedish welfare model as a solution for society.

Stefan Löfven agree with her and believe that there is a great deal of respect for Sweden abroad.

"Very strange"

at the same time also has Sweden been featured in the media in other contexts. Recently interviewed the author Katarina Janouch Czech tv about his view on Sweden after flyktingkatastrofen. Among other things, she said that more swedes want to learn to shoot to defend themselves. Afterwards she said to Aftonbladet:

– I’m not saying that everything is their fault. But we have a crisis in migration issues.

She also said that she just "conveyed his view of how she looks at developments in Sweden, but that it is consistent with what other newspapers write." As an example, she brought up the british ” Daily Mail that in the last year of the Swedish embassy in London was running a campaign against Sweden.

Stefan Löfven calls Janouch’s statement "very strange".

– There is a person who makes a, in my opinion, very strange statement. Respect is big for the Swedish and the nordic model, combining productivity with equality, good working conditions for employees with productive and efficient enterprises, and a welfare that helps. There is a strong belief in it, ” says Löfven.

"Made a u-turn in refugee policy"

Former minister of foreign affairs Carl Bildt (M) is also in place in Davos, mainly to talk about issues related to digitisation and technological development. He says that he has not followed what Katerina Janouch said.

– I have not followed it at all, but it is clear that there has been a matter of concern images of Sweden. Especially when we made a u-turn in refugee policy was very dramatic. We had been sitting on very high moral horses to the world for a good while and then we made a u-turn. It led to a lot of question marks about stability, ” he says.

According to Bildt, it is important that Sweden and Swedish politicians think about the image you convey when you do politics.

– I don’t think one should exaggerate the risks, but it is important that we conduct a long-term consistent policies. We are a small country which has become very prosperous, mainly due to our success in the world, it is our foreign trade, our success in world markets, and our competencies and competitiveness. Then, it is important both with the presence and the image of Sweden in the world, ” says Bildt.

Issues relating to China

Both Stefan Löfven and foreign minister Carl Bildt got a lot of questions about China’s presence in Davos. During the day, held by China’s president Xi Jinping in a speech in which he defended globalization. That a chinese president for the first time participate in the Davosmötet has been interpreted as meaning that China will take the lead in international trade issues if the US comes back during the Donald Trumps leadership.

– It is not entirely unexpected, China is a big player in the world economy and now when the Trump has started to talk about higher duties, to defend their own market, and to withdraw from trade agreements, then it is quite natural and allows for a much greater role for China, ” says Löfven.

He believes, however, that it is not just about trade in Asia.

– There are other parts of the world also, China is active in the african economy, investing heavily in Europe and there is a large market in south America, ” says Löfven.

Carl Bildt believes that the united states that enters the back opens up for China.

– If the united states abdicates from the role you had and fall back into more nationalism, then the rise of China, in a way that is natural from China’s point of departure, there are positive aspects from our point of view but it would have been better with US, ” he says, and affirms that the situation now requires a more active policy, in Sweden and in the EU.


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