Monday, October 31, 2016

Why hemlighölls detention of Rollén? …

There is a detail that is becoming entrenched among all the news during the Monday portionerats out from the district court in Oslo, prosecutors and police, as well as Hexagon’s ceo Ola Rolléns defender: falskspelet to shareholders and analysts. The type of Business in Calle Froste.

Hexagonchefen Ola Rollén were arrested in Sweden already on Wednesday last week, at the request of the Norwegian authorities. It writes dommerfullmektig Linn C Domaas Kise, the judge in the case and also the secretary to the häktningsförhandlingen which started at 11.45 on Saturday morning. It is apparent from the documents in the Oslo tingrätt.

Was Rollén were the upcoming nights are still not published, but a guess is Kronobergshäktet in Stockholm.

on Friday, two days after that, the Hexagon-the ceo was arrested, was Rollén free again. In any case, so of the cells that he got the permission of the Norwegian and/or Swedish authorities on the spot to present the company’s third quarterly report. In the presentation , which started at 10 o’clock in the morning, mention Ola Rollén, not a word that he has been the subject of police and prosecutor interest in two days.

In the recorded presentation material, which remains on the web three days later, greets Rollén analysts welcome and wish them good morning. He shows the "slide 34" and says that "we are the world" on the gps pucks that can be mounted in the cars so that they can be found if they are stolen. He concludes the presentation with "slide 35", and greets all present welcome to the company’s capital markets day on 1 december in London.

According to the news agency Directly was staff from the Swedish financial crime all the time in the room or in the vicinity of the Ola Rollén, when he conducted the presentation. Their mission was to ensure that the Rollén not said anything about the ongoing police investigation. The company’s information officers, as well as the chairman Melker Schörling felt to the agreement.

Later in the day, or possibly on Saturday morning, was moved Ola Rollén to Oslo and häktningsförhandlingarna. And today, on Monday, announced the authorities and the Hexagon to the chief executive officer has been in custody over the weekend.

a Lot is uncertain in this course of events but one thing is crystal clear.

When the stock market opened today on Monday fell in the hexagon share by nearly 10 percent and the company’s market value by at most sek 10 billion, a development which does not can be caused by other reasons for the successful ceo placed in custody. Information was price sensitive and should have been published already when Ola Rollén said on Wednesday.

To Hexagon’s defense, one can say that this secrecy was at the request of the authorities. Now the actions of police and prosecutors in place meant that those who bought shares in the company at the end of last week was blown.


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